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The queen visits the Coronation Street studio and meets the actors

During a 40-minute live tour, studio, Royal visitor, dressed in teal Angela Kelly Wearing a costume with matching hats, I met many actors and staff of the show, walked by the cobblestone street, and then walked into the studio Internal Filming the story of the return of the wanderers.

The queen started her tour with four people actor Who among them has served on the show for more than 200 years.

Bill Roach Barbara Knox, who played Ken Barlow, Barbara Knox, who played Rita, and Sunicles, who played Audrey and Helenworth, were called Gail by millions of soap fans. Bow to the queen when the wanderers return to the outside world.

Queen Elizabeth II visits the Coronation Street studio of ITV Studio in Media City, UK

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Roach told the Queen that he first saw her when he visited Jamaica in 1963, when he was an officer in the Royal Welsh Flintlocks.

He added: “Thank you very much for coming today.”

Knox told the Queen when he first arrived: “Good morning, Your Majesty, you have brought sunshine.

“You know you are like a ray of sunshine.

“And you have given us all such a promotion (with your arrival), thank you very much.

“We all adore you very much, and the whole world admires you.”

The queen asked how they managed to continue filming during the pandemic. She replied: “It’s great that you can keep going.” Roach smiled and replied: “Well, ma’am, you are the one who continued.”

On the street outside number five, the queen met the fictional “Bailey” family and was told that the group of cobblestones were raw cobblestones taken from Old Granada Street in Manchester, and then moved up the road three miles to the new one. Independent television Studio in 2013.

Kate Spencer, who plays Grace Vickers, warned the queen: “It’s hard to walk in high heels.”

The queen smiled and looked down at her shoes and replied: “No, I know. I have been told. Maybe better not.”

Queen on the street

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After talking to backstage production staff including screenwriters, camera operators, set designers, and sound engineers, the queen talked to the fictional Dobson family, including Jenny McAlpin who played Fitz and Bob Evelyn Plummer’s Maureen Lipman, or Cerberus in the play, a pet Whippet.

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