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The rent index is being reformed-having a positive impact

├╝Complaining about high rents is now a good form of conversation with city friends. Very happy to combine with the challenge of complaining about not even finding an apartment. Politicians responded to this, trying to curb rent increases through various regulations. The core and powerful element is the rent index.

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Editor of the “Money & More” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

He has the right to make the “local comparable rent” of a city open and transparent to everyone. It means the average rent, which depends on the location, type, equipment, size, condition and age of the apartment. These rents are very important. They define the level to which rent can be increased in an existing contract. In cities with rent restrictions, they even stipulate how high the rent of a new contract may be. Sometimes, the rent support for Hartz IV and social assistance recipients also comes from the rent index.

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