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The Republican Party prepares to eliminate six Democrats by redistributing but Mitch McConnell and the party’s “strategist” advisers warned to eliminate six Democrats – RedState

The next election will reflect the results of the 2020 census.Which means a Net seat displacement From states controlled by Democrats to states ruled by Republicans. Therefore, CA, IL, MI, NY, OH, PA and WV will lose one seat. The winner will be CO, FL, MT, NC and OR who will receive one seat, and Texas will receive the grand prize for two new seats.

It depends on the state legislature.Republicans Control the legislatures of 30 statesIn 23 of them, they also control the state legislature.In Kansas and Kentucky, a Democratic governor faced Vetoable Republican majority In the state legislature.In Colorado, which is controlled by the Democratic Party, the re-division of electoral districts is “Non-Party” Committee.

Seven current Democratic members of Congress Is elected from the district led by President TrumpNancy Pelosi was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives by only five votes.

In an ordinary year, the Republican Party will be seen as preparing to retake the House of Representatives. This is not an ordinary year. This country is increasingly disappointed by the Democratic Party’s duplicity and malfeasance. The complete failure of the 2020 election has made conservatives sensitive to the fragility of our electoral system. 17 states have passed 28 different laws, and the Brennan Center on the left wing of the lunatic Considered “restrictive”.

The Supreme Court of the United States deeply feels this. On July 1, in a case called Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee in Arizona, the Supreme Court made it more difficult for federal judges to intervene in the election.

Brnovich and the Democratic National Committee On the desk

When combined with decision Rucho v. Common Cause, It tells the federal court that the party constituency is real and beyond the scope of the federal court’s review. The Republican Party has great potential to open up occupied areas in the red state and change the entire competitive environment at the federal and state levels. A decade, so you won’t be surprised to find the loudest voice against this From the Republican Party.

The Republican Congressional delegation in Kentucky entered a cycle of re-division of constituencies and made an unusual request to their state legislative counterparts: Leave Democratic Representative John Arms alone.

The organization, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, hopes that the Republican majority in the state will not divide the Louisville area of ​​Yamus into three, even if this might allow them to control all of Kentucky. Six seats in the House of Representatives.

“According to my experience in studying history, when you become very cute, you will end up in a lawsuit-and you lose. Then the court redraws the line,” Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) said. “So my suggestion is to keep Louisville blue.”

This rezoning debate — about how Republicans should actively try to eliminate the remaining Democratic enclaves in the Red State — is taking place in cities in the Upper South and Midwest. Local Republicans, who are eager to increase their number in Congress and provide a springboard for ambitious state lawmakers, may be more inclined to carve up those blue pockets. But others in the Republican Party are wary of rapid and unpredictable political adjustments that will complicate the drawing of new maps—and legitimate behemoth Democrats come together to counter their threats.

The partisan quarrels that have been common since 2010 have now stopped some Republicans. Top party strategists are urging state mapmakers to proceed with caution and draw the boundaries that can withstand demographic changes and litigation over the past decade.

In my experience, negotiating with yourself is something that losers are very good at. In the words of Mark Twain:

“We should be careful to get only the wisdom from experience and stop there, lest we are like cats sitting on the lid of the hot stove. She never sits on the lid of the hot stove again, which is good, but she also Never sit on the lid of a cold stove again.”

As far as Kentucky is concerned, Yarmut is not a minority, so he will not be sheltered by nonsense from the unconstitutional “majority area”. If the Republicans destroy the Democratic constituency and are sued, one of two things will happen.They either go status quo, Or they won. This is a risk-free proposal.

In addition to Louisville’s Yarmuth, Republicans must also consider whether to bring the knife to the seat of Nashville Rep. Jim Cooper (Tennessee); Kansas City Rep. Shalice Davids (D-Kan.) and Kansas City on both sides of the border. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), maybe even Frank Mrvan (D-Ind.), a freshman in Northwest Indiana. It may also be on the cutting board: Omaha, where the “rupture” can support Rep. Don Peigen (R-Neb.) in one of the most vacillating seats in the country.

If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder and tend to count, you will notice that as long as you break the Democratic majority, you can flip five seats. No, I repeat, none of these five seats is one of the seven seats currently held by Democrats in the region led by President Trump in 2020.So this looks like twelve seats the smallest Hard work.

I fully understand the desire to keep some Democrats out of the game without reducing the safe Republican seats to the battlefield. That would be stupid. What is stupid is not to defeat the Democrats without risk. Why don’t you do this? A couple came to mind. First, to some extent, the Republicans believe that by not targeting highly vulnerable Democratic electoral districts, they will persuade Democrats in New York, California, Illinois, and Michigan to abandon Republican electoral districts. I don’t know why they believe this, but I have seen the actions of the Stupid Party, enough to know that someone somewhere is whispering in the ears of McConnell and McCarthy. The second possibility is that those state parties find it useful to raise money for a lonely Democrat, and all things being equal, they would rather generate money for John Yarmuth and others. To step down, he was unwilling to really drive him down.

Unfortunately, there is a third possibility.

Many years ago, football superstar Peyton Manning performed a skit for Saturday Night Live, when it was still pretending to be something outside of the Wake Up Evangelistic Festival called “Tutor”. Manning played his role. He used football to teach values ​​to a group of children. There are many parts in this article, but one part is fully in line with the goal:

“Do you want to lose?”

Yes it is. Many Republican officials hope to fail collectively. They want to stay, but in fact they don’t want to fight, because then the Washington Post or the New York Times or Joe Scarborough or Chris Wallace might speak ill of them. They have to associate with the nasty populists who love America, who are the butt of cocktail party jokes and David French prose. Being a minority is safe because you don’t have to be responsible for anything, because you don’t have to do anything. Unless we let these people know that being a happy loser is not a career path, we will always be trapped by them.

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