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The spiritual brother of Frankfurt Eintracht

Appearance of sports and leisure

OhWhen Liver Grasner entered the newly renovated press conference room of the arena for the first time for a formal meeting with media representatives in Frankfurt, he chose sports casual wear, paired with sneakers and T-shirts. On time, precise, sharp: The new Eintracht coach needs a lot of time to provide extensive information. It is not surprising that he is in a good mood. After vacationing with his family still living in Austria, this is the first day of work at “this famous German club”. The 46-year-old Austrian is undoubtedly full of expectations.

“I feel very united,” he said. The football craze did not come from his mouth. The fact that he talked about a slightly elevated platform did not give the impression that someone was zoomed out from above. Grasner gave the impression of being personable and scored his first point at Eintracht. Two days later, in the first training with the team, he immediately became the boss, repeatedly corrected and encouraged them loudly.

Adi Hütter had a similar performance when he started in Frankfurt three years ago. The man from Vorarlberg is four years older than his Austrian compatriot Grasner, and he also spent a lot of time providing information about goals, dreams and wishes. Hütter pays special attention to appearance. He also emphasized sports and leisure styles. If you listen to Hütter, you will quickly find his favorite sentence: Basically. Basically, a master manufacturer from Bern can imagine anything. Obviously: starting in Hütter, a coach who basically wanted to represent offensive glasses started.

The ideas in the game are too disgusting

Oliver Grasner immediately put forward his “football concept.” He wants to give the players entrusted to him something to take away-but also for their future careers. “I want to see us grow as a team,” he said. Grasner is open to whether this process should be tactically accompanied by three or four defensive chains. Flexibility is the key. In any case, this is correct: Grasner also wants to represent the virtues of Frankfurt, because Frankfurt “plays very active and concentrated, very creative and difficult to calculate”.

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