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The time I lost my passport in Russia-Intermediate #20-Video-Italian Podcast

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Italian Podcast. This is a new video I have recorded for you.

In this video, I want to tell you a story Maybe I have already talked about it in the podcast, But I also want to retell it in video format. Why is it a story? Well, because I saw this format in a channel for girls teaching German, this format…format, format, story time, so I thought: “But why not do something similar on Italian podcasts? Finally? , Everyone likes stories, everyone likes to listen to stories.

Ok. Let’s start the story. I happen to be in Russia (I happen to be in Russia). As you may know, I study Russian.It was two summers ago, I think it was the summer of 2017. After a few days in Russia, St. Petersburg and Moscow, I am going to return to Italy Return flight. I am lonely because my parents have only been with me in St. Petersburg.I have got Continue (= continue) The journey alone…there is nothing, the journey is over. I have to go back.then I am Go to the airport and call Uber… Go to the airport, right? Then I went up and Uber came, I get in the car (I get in the car) And driver me Before (= said): “But you want to leave it backpack in Back seat Car? “Because I have this backpack. So yes, I put it on, I picked it up, I put it on the back seat, and I said, “Come on, but very much I will remember, I will remember! “

How is this going?Well, maybe some of you already know (better: they know) I already have a little sfortuna (unlucky) Bring a backpack, because I haven’t forgotten it once. Well, as you might have guessed, I forgot.I am a good person smemorata (forgetful), So much that I don’t remember what I had to do. In this case, I don’t remember that I have to take my backpack back, so when I arrived at my destination with peace of mind, I left Uber, and when I went to the airport I didn’t expect that I might need that backpack because in that backpack. There is a passport in it. I need a passport to fly from Russia to the EU. If not… I don’t know what will happen to me, but it may not be good.

Then there was nothing. After a few minutes I realized that I had nothing, I had nothing, that is, I have a mobile phone, yes, I have a mobile phone, but I don’t even have a power bank, so my phone doesn’t. There are many Battery (power [of a device]), He will die. I was Total panic (complete panic) even I started crying, It’s that I rarely cry, it’s not something I do often, but that time I started crying because I was totally panicked, that is, I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t even call avevo sì internet (I do have internet, but…), But I can’t call because I encountered this strange situation: basically I spent a lot of money in Russia for a few days, bought a router, a mini router to go online. You may ask: “But why should you buy yourself a mini router to stay in Russia, can’t you buy a sim?” Russian Sims are also very cheap. Yes it is, Unfortunately (The problem is/was) My phone, the phone I bought through a phone plan-one thing I won’t do… I think I will never do it again-that is, I bought it through an agent, Italy Phone operators need to pay less and pay A ratio (installment). but this means (this means) I can hardly (better: I can) change the sim card. Or to be more precise, maybe there is a way, but I didn’t know what to do at the time, so I decided to spend all this money and have an external router to surf the Internet, but my phone has my SIM card in Italian. So I can’t call anyway, emergency call, right? Or to be more precise…maybe I can, but I will spend a lot of money, I don’t even know how these things work.

I also forgot to mention one important thing, that is, I have tried to contact Uber, that is, I have tried…-You can almost try to get in touch with the driver through the app (better: You can try to get in touch with the driver), because for privacy reasons, they will not provide you with the phone number of the driver-but without success.Basically Uber tried to make a call and get in touch with the driver, but the driver did not answer, so non c’era nulla da fare (I can’t do anything) Get in touch with him.

So I don’t know what to do, that’s I look around (I look around), Taxi, Uber is not there, it is gone, what should I do? So nothing, I tried to write to my parents and my brother, I ask for advice, I don’t know what to do, I’m completely panicked, and I said: “Well, I know what makes us try to get into the airport, maybe… I don’t know maybe I’ll find someone there to talk to, I Found… what I know, mi inventerò qualcosa (I will think of something), I have to do something”. Considering that in any case, that is, Okay, I can speak Russian (as before, “I can speak Russian, yes, MA” or “Russian, I can speak Russian, MA”)But these conversations in foreign languages ​​are never very good, and my Russian is not as strong as my English, so this situation is definitely not very pleasant. By the way… maybe in the past (I mean: in the future) then I also talked about the situation where I lost my suitcase and had to speak Russian at the airport. I always have these wonderful adventures in Russia.

Anyway… so I went to the airport and My face is filled with happiness, I smiled happily, Smile with 32 teeth (in Italian, “make a smile with 32 teeth” means smile brightly), Maybe even 64, New teeth are growing Smile more. Because I saw a driver in the airport waiting for me with a backpack. So I told him: “Thank you, thank you! I pay you, I give you money, and I repay you for your kindness to me”, but he (yes) is very kind, and he said to me: “No, no, Don’t worry, don’t worry” go.

So i have Relieved (I’m relieved) As we said in Italian, because I’m very close…I don’t know what will happen, but this is definitely not a good situation, so I found my backpack (My backpack is back), I retrieved my passport, power bank, nothing, I need to be able to return to Italy.

Yes, this is not a good story, but as often happens, those that are not suitable for life are the best stories. So, if you have heard this story before, then you will dislike it. If this is the first time you have heard it, please tell me what you think of this format, if you want more “story format” videos…nothing, thank you for listening, and in the next video and the next Meet you in the story. Until next time! Hello there.

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