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The Tokyo Olympics allows a new level of “protest” – RedState

Yeah, who knows?According to reports Washington Times Like everyone else, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that it will “relax restrictions on protests and political expression” at the upcoming Olympic Games in Japan.

Translation: As expected, the IOC succumbed to “awakening.”

Unsurprisingly, the U.S. has started talking nonsense. Gwen Berry After she won a place on the American team, she turned her back to the American flag in protest Third place Last month, at the U.S. Olympic trials held in Eugene, Oregon.

Speaking of “above”, of course, don’t question her—hehe—“sincerity”, but as my RedState colleague Nick Arama pointed out, her national anthem stunt may be nothing more than “An act. “

In any case, as the “Washington Times” reported, “under increasing pressure from radical athletes from all over the world,” the IOC’s actions are in leagues like the NBA and WNBA (and the poor NFL President Roger Goodell) “Embrace athletes’ demonstrations” and “Last December, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee relaxed some regulations that prohibit political expression during games or on the podium.”

ridiculous? of course. But that was the way it was from the beginning.

Just like the situation in Hollywood Looney Tunes-if they try, they can no longer be full of arrogant selves, blessing their little pretend life-what to do Sporty Is it related to pretending to be “casual”? It’s a bit rhetorical, but please-no one cares what you think. not completely.

Learn this from Dr. Amy Bass, professor of sports studies at Manhattanville College and author of “Not Victory, but Struggle: The 1968 Olympic Games and the Formation of Black Athletes”, copied by Washington:

“With the rise of athlete activism, especially in the United States, and the new relaxation of the rules, Tokyo may see as many memorable protests as the world record, some observers predict.

“What we know is that the re-emergence of radical athletes is impressive. We will have to wait and see whether this will translate into the Olympics.”

Ok. We will “wait and see.” Just like “we” (without me) “wait and see” whether every award ceremony in the United States is dominated by the nonsense of “sound and powerful”.

The Chairman of the International Olympic Committee Committee, Kirsty Coventry, said in a statement:

“Although the guidelines provide new opportunities for athletes to express their opinions before the competition, they retain the venue, ceremonies, victory ceremonies and Olympic Village games. This is the wish of the vast majority of athletes in our global consulting.”

Of course, this is the “wish of the overwhelming majority of athletes” in your “Global Consultation”.Quick question: How many of these athletes are women and they will be screwed up now Biological men pretend to be women?

According to the “Washington Times” report, the International Olympic Committee stated in a press release that it will review each protest case by case. Considerations about impact-or no impact-may include the extent of the damage or whether other athletes have complained or expressed. Translation: Reality and the public damn it.

In addition to Gwen Berry’s nonsense at the U.S. Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon, sprinter Noah Lyles raised his gloved fist before his 100-meter final. His “reason”?

“We are still dead on the street. Just because we no longer talk about it in the news, or just because the Olympics are going on, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I am black.”

And I am white. who cares? Everything from the Academy Awards to the Grammy Awards is the same, I can’t wait to see it, idiot. “Protest” you are stupid.

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