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The U.S. government suspends the federal death penalty

IIn the U.S, Sentenced to death It has not been implemented at the federal level for the time being. Attorney General Merrick Garland issued the corresponding order on Thursday. First, all procedures and guidelines should be reviewed to ensure that the criminal justice system is constitutional, fair and humane. Declare the Ministry of Justice.

America president Joe Biden Reject the death penalty. On the other hand, his predecessor, Donald Trump, reintroduced the death penalty at the federal level after a break of nearly two decades. To this end, the Republican government has been appealing to the Supreme Court for help. As a result, starting from July 2020, several criminals convicted under federal law were given the death penalty by lethal injection.

Research on Injection of Death Penalty Substances

In the United States, many states carry out the death penalty. On the other hand, at the federal level, the death penalty was sentenced between 2003 and July 2020, but it is no longer executed.

Attorney General Garland has now ordered a review of the implementation policy changes implemented by the Trump administration. Among other things, it will also investigate whether the pentobarbital substance used for lethal injections causes a high risk of pain and suffering.

In addition, regulations that should speed up executions will be reviewed. Newly introduced options that can rely on the state’s methods and personnel during executions are also subject to review.

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