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The whole of Spain will become a corona risk zone

DIE Federal government It is hoped that the entire Spain will be classified as a corona risk area based on media reports. As Funke Media Group quoted government departments as saying on Thursday, Cyprus will also be declared a high-risk area and will impose quarantine obligations on returning travelers who have not been vaccinated or recovered.

This Robert Koch Institute Every Friday, the federal government’s new crown classification for foreign countries is released. The final decisions of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are usually made not too long ago.

In Spain, the number of infections has risen sharply in the past few weeks. However, so far, only 6 of Spain’s 17 regions—including the resort areas of Catalonia and Andalusia—and the Ceuta enclave in North Africa are considered risky. The Balearic Islands and the popular holiday islands Mallorca and Canary Islands are not yet included.

No direct impact on vacationers

Countries and regions with more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in 7 days (7-day incidence) are classified as risk areas. It is the lowest of the three risk levels. If they travel by air, this classification has no real impact on vacationers. Then they must be tested before departure anyway, rather than quarantined when entering Germany.

High-risk areas and medium-risk levels are different. Anyone who returns from such an area but has not been fully vaccinated or recovered must be quarantined for ten days, but the quarantine period can be shortened by passing a negative test after five days.

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