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TMBA604: Is real estate the end of entrepreneurs?

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Nick Huber Since we last talked to him in 2019, he has been riding like crazy.

Nick is the host of a podcast called Sweaty entrepreneurshipAt the time, he ran a company called Storage Squad, a storage company that helped students store their belongings in universities across the United States.

Covid put the business in trouble, but Nick was able to make some quick decisions that allowed him to sell the company and switch to a new business, a multi-million dollar real estate private equity firm called Bolt storage.

Nick joined us in this week’s podcast, sharing what happened when the coronavirus pandemic closed most of his business, why he decided to switch to the real estate business, how he used Twitter to help find investors, etc.

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Listen to this week’s show and understand:

  • When Covid happened, what happened to Storage Squad. (6:09)
  • Nick’s strategy of acquiring from the storage property. (13:40)
  • Why does Nick believe that real estate is an “endgame.” (31:55)
  • How Nick’s Twitter strategy changed his life. (41:40)
  • Nick’s biggest advice for anyone considering starting a business in 2021. (49:22)

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(Transcript will be released soon)

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