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When to handle marketing projects internally and when to outsource

As a small business owner, there are many things to do (and to do).You need to be a professional general manager, customer service manager, marketer, copywriter, sales executive, etc., that’s why Outsourcing is very useful.

Outsourcing can save you time and money, and allows you to spend time in the field of business development. But how do you know which marketing projects are to be handled by yourself and which are to be outsourced?

Marketing can be an all-encompassing business, and there are no set parameters for which strategies can be outsourced and which are not. Deciding where to use external help ultimately depends on your situation, needs, and area of ​​expertise.When you decide to outsource, your first priority must always be on Quality of outsourced work.

As you consider whether you should outsource this particular marketing project, you need to ask yourself some questions.

1. Do you have a strategy?

There are many things to enter Documented marketing strategy. If you haven’t had the opportunity to evaluate your audience Buyer, Together with your overall goals and methods to achieve those goals, and then hiring someone to outsource can be a serious waste of money.

Before you start, you need to develop at least some basic marketing strategy; otherwise, how do you know if your plan is adequate? For example, if you post to your social media account without too many topics or purposes, you might as well save money and do it yourself until you have time to sit down and make a plan. You can then use external resources to help you advance your work.

However, another option is to include a deliverable strategy in your outsourcing. Be aware that if you choose to work with organizations that also provide advanced strategies, then outsourcing costs may be higher.

2. Do you have knowledge?

When you carefully evaluate your marketing needs and internal talent, and find that you lack a specific skill set, you have two options. you can:

  • Do some training to improve the skills of you and your team, or
  • Outsource it to someone who already knows how to do it, saving you time in the process

If the learning curve is large and the time required to master the skills is long, then outsourcing is clearly a viable method. However, if these skills are part of a long-term strategy, it may be valuable for your team to educate themselves through the courses and content available.

3. Are you lacking in inspiration?

Sometimes you know what you want to say, but the words just don’t flow.Hire someone Create content Or a marketer writes your ideas on paper and fine-tunes them, so it may be helpful for you to have professional text or graphics.

Everyone is hampered by writers from time to time, and using a writer to help you during these times can help you stay focused. There are many different types of free content creators; this is just to find one situation that works for you.

4. Did you fail to establish contact with your target audience?

You may think that your marketing is handled well, but the evidence does exist in the case Marketing statistics Shows a disconnect from the target audience, then it may be time to outsource to professionals to improve results.

You want to know that every minute you spend on marketing contributes to a good return and is worth the effort and money.Professional marketers and the latest Marketing software It can usually improve your analysis and provide you with high-quality results to expand your marketing scope.

5. Are you aware of the latest trends?

Professional marketers will understand trading techniques and conduct necessary research to keep them updated Marketing trendsBut as a small business owner, finding time to study these trends and self-education does not exist.

If you decide to outsource a marketing agency, it is important to let them know the best channels available so you can find new audiences to increase your potential customer base.They should also know the correct way to best use these channels, whether it’s Create guest contributions, Paid social advertising, Or Video marketing.

6. Are you task driven?

If you find that you are more focused on tasks than strategy, it would be beneficial to hire a marketer to help you move forward and grow your business. You may feel like you are browsing the to-do list and posting online, but unless each behavior is part of the overall strategy, you are just cheering on the wheels and keeping them on. This is different from developing your business attentively and deliberately. Your marketing goal is to generate new potential customers through any means you can use, so if you can execute rather than execute according to strategy, then outsourcing may be the route you want to go.

At BenchmarkONE, we know that outsourcing is usually not easy, especially for small businesses. Need to consider the budget and the time required to research possible outsourcing solutions. We hope this list will help you make decisions easier without spending too much precious time.

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