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LEGO Ideas has created a very cool vintage typewriter

news – Are you an adult who likes Lego? Take out your wallet and buy the latest work of Lego Creative-Typewriter 21327. This new set is suitable for over 18 years old and includes 2079 pieces. There is a printed character on each key of the typewriter, so there are no stickers to deal with! When you are done, you can insert a sheet of paper into the roller, and then use the keys to “type” a letter. A typewriter is not a functional typewriter, but certain elements move to make it look like a working typewriter. The movement of the button causes the robotic arm to hit the fabric spool ribbon. The carriage return will move every time you hit the key, and when you reach the end of the paper, you can push the carriage return back.This spectacle Lego ingenuity will be available on July 1, 2021, priced at $199.99.

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