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Tokyo threatens the Olympics without spectators

widthIn two weeks, athletes from all over the world will compete for Olympic medals in Tokyo, and residents of the capital will live in a state of emergency. According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government will decide on Thursday to implement the fourth viral emergency in Tokyo since the outbreak of the pandemic.Strengthening measures taken coronavirus You should apply until August 22.

Patrick Wilt

Japanese business and political journalist, based in Tokyo.

This threatens Olympic Games, Which happened from July 23 to August 8, completely giving up the audience. It is expected that all parties concerned will make a decision on the number of viewers today or Friday. Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, will arrive in Tokyo on Thursday and will be quarantined in a hotel for three days. The audience ahead will be another blow to the sports festival that was postponed for a year due to the corona pandemic last year. A few months ago, foreign sports fans had negotiated with the government to dismiss the Olympic Games organizer. According to the current situation, the virus emergency should end two days before the opening of the Paralympics. This gives viewers the opportunity to participate in the Paralympic Games starting on August 24.

The incidence rate in Tokyo is 32

In mid-June, the government only slightly relaxed the capital’s anti-corona requirements. However, since then, the number of new infections has risen again. Tokyo reported 920 new viral infections on Wednesday. The last time the number was higher was on May 13. Doctors such as Shigeru Omi, the government’s most important new coronavirus consultant, warned that with the increasing spread of Delta variants, the fifth wave of viruses is posing a threat, especially during the Olympic Games. Omi thinks it is advisable to give up the audience during the game. The 7-day incidence rate in Tokyo is 32, while in Berlin it is 6.

The number of spectators for the Olympics has been reduced to 10,000, and at most half of the seats in the stadium can prevent corona. Recently, the organizers considered limiting the maximum number of people to 5,000 and not allowing any spectators to participate in evening events after 9pm. According to the expected virus emergency rules, it is now also in the room, and spectators from Tokyo or neighboring prefectures are no longer allowed to enter. This also applies to surfing competitions on the Pacific Coast in Chiba Prefecture.

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