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Traffic in Italy (or rather, Turin)-Intermediate #30-Italian Podcast

guide = Driving
I will limit myself speak = I just want to talk, ignite. “I will limit myself to talking”
it takes = ci impiega-need
On the occasion of the Winter Olympics = On the occasion of the Winter Olympics

To take the subway (or “metro,” as some French pro-Torinos call it), you must go Terminal The subway, or one of the two stations at the end of the line.I need one to drive there from my house ten About minutes. “But David!”, you will exclaim.This is an episode about Public transit! What should I do if I don’t have a car?Well, you can go there by bus on the subway, but you have to accept the fact It will take you More time (at least 30-40 minutes according to Google Maps), at night, you may have to wait and hope Pullman. Have you noticed that I used the word “bus”? If you don’t know, “pullman” in Italian is synonymous with “bus”.
The train also passes through my city and will reach the center of Turin in about twenty minutes.This is a luxury, because not all cities have train station. The problem with the train is Rush hour (In the morning and evening when people go to get off work) It must be Overcrowded And it’s usually hard to find seatGenerally speaking, Trenitalia is a state-owned company that handles transportation business tram, Has traditionally been severely criticized.We Italians like to complain about Trenitalia and we are also very creative joke They also complained about service inefficiency, delays, cancellations, and sometimes no air-conditioning in the summer of 35 degrees.

Terminal = End-end of line
ten = About ten (twenty, thirty, forty, etc.)
Public transit = Public transportation
It will take you = It will take you (see above)
Pullman = Bus
train station = Railway station (railway = railway)
Rush hour = Peak time
Overcrowded = Overcrowded
seat = Seat
tram = Railway
Joking about sth = Just kidding

As for the city’s public transport company, known as GTT (Turin Transport Group) in Turin, the situation is not much better.As I said in a recent episode, we still have a few 70s trams in Turin, and we actually do this by The truck itself was built in the 1930s!You can imagine casino, Or the loud noise they made when they passed by.There are also slightly more modern trams, but they are still the latest Retrospective In the early 2000s, he was already twenty years old. As for the buses, the situation is not much better, because the vehicles are usually very old, but most importantly, they are usually full during rush hours and are not always on time.
However, I do not rule out that Turin’s situation is better than other cities such as Rome, where public transportation has traditionally been a very difficult sector.
One feature of public transportation that I don’t like in Italy is that, unlike any other European countries I’ve visited, there is no machine Buy bus or tram tickets, whether in means or in Stop!Bus and tram tickets They must buy enter newsstand, Or those kiosks that also buy newspapers, or Tobacconist, As the name suggests, the shop selling cigarettes, there are many other things (including tickets). This is very inconvenient when newsstands or tobacco shops are closed because there is no way to buy tickets.In these cases, if you don’t subscriber, You are forced to do what many Italians unfortunately do, and that is travel without a ticket. Or go on foot.Now, perhaps more solutions have been adopted in other Italian cities Keep up with the times (For example, I know that in Florence, you can buy tickets by phone) And if you have a season pass, this is not a problem. But I put myself in the perspective of a tourist, he, get lost, Think of a way to buy tickets, maybe at night, don’t understand How is this done.

They include = Consists of =
casino = Huge noise (here, in other cases, it means chaos, “chaos”)
go back = Back to
machine = Ticket vending machine
Stop = Stop
They must buy = Bought = bought
newsstand = Newsstand
Tobacconist = Tobacco shop
subscriber = Who has a season pass
Keep up with the times = Advance with the times, advance with the times-modern
get lost = Confused
How to do = How did it happen

There is another rather big problem in my specific situation: my city and Turin have almost no connected After midnight of the week. There is no way to return to my city from Turin: neither by train (no more trains), nor by subway (closed), nor by public transport (only one bus, but it’s not from Turin) Very central).So if a person goes out to Turin at night, he will either come back very early (which is very sad) or take a taxi (it takes a heritage) Or go by car (and face Nightmare The process of finding a parking lot will be discussed in the next episode).This is why, in my opinion, Italy is a country of motorists: without cars, you are very limited, especially outside the big cities (but not even outside, I live 15 kilometers from Turin) Place, not at Remote village).But I’ll talk about cars and driving in another episode, which will definitely shiny.
All in all, this matter Make me angryIn other words, what makes me angry is seeing the efficiency and modernization of public transportation in other countries, even if the traditional economic strength is not as good as that of Italy, such as Poland.Is not I know thoroughly This question, although Hit In fact, in one of the 10 most powerful economies in the world, public transportation has many problems and is far from perfect.
Okay, I have reached the end of this episode, and I realized that after this episode and the episode “Italy sucks” (I remember its title is provocative), I seem to be a little bit Bromolone Who knows how to complain. I promise that I will try to make some more positive episodes in the future, but I think it’s also interesting to talk about the slightly negative side of our country, not just how good the pizza is, how beautiful the sea is, and how beautiful they are. Our church and our cultural heritage. What do you think? If you have any experience with public transportation in Italy and how it compares with your country, please let me know. Please be honest.

connection = Connected
heritage = A lot of money
nightmare = Nightmare
In a remote country = Far in the country (sperduto = remote, desolate)
sparkling = Fun, lively (kindness)
It makes me very angry = Driving me crazy
Thoroughly understand = I don’t fully understand
It’s on strike = Astonishing, astonishing-astonishing
Bromolone = Grumpy, grumpy-a person who always complains

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