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Would you rather know what others think of you or read the thoughts of animals? -Would you like it #2-RST #63-Italian Podcast

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After a while, there is no transcript for the new episode of Reflections! Erika and I again decided to record an episode like “Will you” because we obviously lacked ideas. So, I recommend topics to talk about in the next few episodes! ! 🙂
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The following are the difficult words and contexts we used in the episode.
listen well!

Human knowledge = All human knowledge (“knowable” comes from the Latin scire = know, hence the word “science”. So “all knowable”)
-We talked about everything that came to mind.
-All Human knowledge


No more = Used up
We are a bit No more idea.

Hachibuchi = Stopgap, placeholder (tappa i buchi)
One episode Pat Yuan, But not bad.

ranking = Ranking
Have a ranking They called me.

scanning = Scan
scanner file.

Illusion = Great, incredible
I do these things phantom.

Untie = Unlock yourself, release yourself-Erika is a little bit self-deprecating, saying that I must be in my reputation, among my fans (as if they are a lot of them, in fact, they are one person) “let me”, or “let me” = Go my way)
You have been working hard to do all this You partition Between your reputation.

Empower = (qui) empower someone, give them responsibility (just like adults)
If on the one hand they Empowerment…

Accompany = Peers, peers
You can’t treat children like your own children Accompany

Place a bet = Set limits (literally means that the pole is a small pole-a small pole)
He always did this, he realized that the problem was not difficult enough, and he started bet.

tunnel = Narrow tunnel
You would rather live the life of an ordinary person than live underground, just like in God tunnel underground…

Die of suffering = Die of suffering, die of pain
You can’t sleep all the time, so if you go to the North Pole You are starving

Formica = Ant
capacity = Mole
Or you are one of them Formica, A capacity Live underground.

hunting = Looking for, chasing something, looking for something
If you tell me i can’t immigrate Look for only…

Bombarsidi (something) (SLANG) = fill something
vein = Intravenous injection-into a vein
– I drum Vitamin D:
– Every vein

risky = Adventure-Reckless
In my opinion a bit of choice risky.

different opinions = Disagreement-inconsistency
Won = Do whatever you want, impose on others,
If you have one different opinions Finally you you win

Reading thoughts = Mind reading
You prefer Mind reading Human or animal?

Approved and not approved = Difficult to translate, this sentence is used to consider a point of view (allowed) but does not admit that it is true (not allowed)
Approved and not approved Animals really have the ability to think.

It’s pressing on you = The harder you are, the harder you are
It’s pressing on you More important than the massacre of the tsunami is the death of your neighbor.

patient! = That’s it, too bad-expression of resignation
Well, be patient.

investment = (In this case) ran over
Are you willing to invest in an old lady who knows that you are saving your children 100%?

Pull down = Investment, but slang
Is there a legal responsibility for being bullied by an old lady?

dodge = Avoid, avoid
or dodge Old lady, so we must save her…

fraction = Score
Hanno fraction Meritorious

Be sued = Sued
Well, I will not be prosecuted by law.

Crosswalk) = Crosswalk
I know I ran it because it was not on the strip because I stopped at Crosswalk

dismal = Gloomy, grinning
In Italy, when people say these things Mourner, I don’t know, pessimistic, you touch your genitals.

carefree = Carefree
You don’t want to be a dog carefree?

Costenato = Frustrated, shocked
I don’t know if it’s Costenato The latest news from American politics.

For every eventuality = For every possibility-for every situation it can serve
Google Translate For every possibility.

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