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Turn your Apple Watch into a legal alarm clock

news – I reverently charge my Apple Watch on the bedside table and like its bedside table mode function. However, because I am wearing glasses, it is difficult to watch the time in bed. Enter the night watchman.

What is night vision? In short, it is an enlarged clock base for Apple Watch. NightWatch has a unique spherical design, which can enlarge the dial to turn a charging watch into a beautifully displayed alarm clock.

It is more than just a display. You can wake up your Apple Watch by tapping anywhere on the Dock. And the built-in sound amplification also enhances the sound of the alarm. Therefore, in fact, it turns the bedside table mode of the Apple Watch into a legal alarm clock.

The heavy-duty base of NightWatch is a single piece of solid plexiglass, which has been hand polished into a mirror effect. The non-slip base ensures that it stays in place.

NightWatch is compatible with all Apple Watch series, just slide the charger into the back of the base to integrate with the watch charger.

The NightWatch magnified clock base for Apple Watch can be downloaded from Amazon For only $59.99, we will post a full review soon!

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