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U.S. Department of Transportation restricts travel to Belarus

DAccording to people familiar with the matter, the US Department of Transportation will restrict travel to Belarus. A person familiar with the matter told Reuters on Tuesday that anyone living in the United States will be allowed to use companies that are no longer located in the United States to buy tickets to Belarus.

As early as May, the US government advised airlines to be extra careful when flying over Belarus.Belarus had previously forced a Ryanair plane to land in the capital Minsk and a blogger criticizing the government Roman ProtasevichWho was arrested on the machine. The plane is on its way from Athens to Vilnius. The United States did not immediately respond to this incident with restrictions.

Most importantly, restricting ticket sales is symbolic. U.S. travel companies rarely buy flights to Belarus. Usually American passenger airlines do not use Belarusian airspace.

This I Extensive economic sanctions were imposed on Belarus last week. The Minsk government announced on Monday that it will suspend participation in the EU’s Eastern Partnership and prohibit people responding to EU sanctions from entering Belarus. The ministry also ordered the Belarusian ambassador to Brussels to return to Minsk. Charles Michel, President of the European Council, severely criticized this reaction.

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