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Uben L50 red flashlight review

Review: in my Uben E05 flashlight review, I’m sure Uben is a good thing. Wuben L50 Red is an individually numbered flashlight, 2,021 units (according to Amazon information) were produced to commemorate the 200,000th L50 sold by Wuben. That is a lot of flashlights. But how does it perform? Although red is my favorite color in the spectrum, it did not affect my evaluation. a lot of.

what is it

L50 Red is a medium-sized rechargeable LED flashlight, designed by Wuben.

What’s in the box

  • Uben L50 red flashlight
  • 18650 battery
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Lanyard
  • Two O-rings
  • Warranty and information sheet

Hardware specifications

  • Dimensions: 5.46″ x 1.02″
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, 18650 size, 2600 mAh, 3.7 volts
  • Weight with battery: 4.9 ounces
  • Water resistance: IP68
  • Charging: Micro-USB
  • Maximum brightness: 1200 lumens
  • Metal pocket clip

Design and features

Wuben L50 Red has 5 lighting modes, from the claimed maximum brightness of 1200 lumens to high, medium, low and strobe modes. The strobe is actually SOS Morse code, which is very slow. Neither the Wuben website nor Amazon specify the lumen statement for other modes other than the maximum mode.

The off switch is a click switch on the end cover, but the brightness mode can also be changed by “half-pressing” when the light is on.

The charging port is also on the end cap.

During charging, the red LED on the end cap will light up. After fully charged, the red LED goes out.

Installation and setup

Remove the battery protection disk that prevents the current from flowing, insert the micro USB cable, charge the battery, and use the lamp after it is fully charged.

Test and observe

This is not important to me, but Amazon’s description says that L50 Red is one of 2,021 units, but my number is 201780.

L50 Red is in the minority, so I don’t think it is a “palm size” or pocket lamp in the usual sense. But it is not an overwhelming size, if you find it convenient to carry, you can clip it in your pocket.

The clip on the L50 prevents the lamp from rolling when placed horizontally on a surface. The clip is not as reversible as some flashlight clips. This lamp is too heavy to be used as a hat lamp.

Note the bright spots in the beam plus the “overflow” at the edges of the beam. Some people prefer beams with central bright spots and edge lights. I usually accept the items in the package.

The belt holster can be fixed to the belt by inserting the belt into the innermost belt, or it can be fixed to the belt with a Velcro without removing the belt. In the picture above, I can see that my finger shows these two functions.

I suspect that we bought a flashlight based on a holster, but this holster is not an afterthought, it looks really good. So this is another picture of it!

what do I like

  • It emits bright light even at medium and high settings. It must be very bright at a 1200 lumens setting.
  • Professional fit and finish. Hold it in your hand, not heavy.
  • Well-made leather belt holster
  • Thankfully, Uben has omitted the tacky, sharp, and “tactical” lens ring.

What will i change

  • The name “waterproof” appears on the website and on Amazon. I believe that waterproofing is an appropriate term.
  • The Amazon website states “IPX6 waterproof”, while the Ubon website states “IP68 waterproof”.
  • Compared with the SOS Morse code flasher, I prefer the stable strobe mode.
  • When the switch is touched, the charging port cover will sometimes pop open.

Wuben L50

Final thoughts

Wuben L50 Red is a well-made medium-sized lamp with excellent beam “projection” and a large 2600 mAh battery backup power supply. Features and price make L50 Red a simple recommendation.

price: 39.99 USD
Where to buy: Wuben (10% discount code – GAD15)
source: The sample for this review is provided by Wu Ben

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