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Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum and Mop with Self Empty Review-Good vacuuming effect but average mop

Review- Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum and Mop with Self Empty (I think I missed the opportunity to shorten it to “UTRVMSE”) outline all the boxes of the robot I want vacuum: Lidar navigation, self-emptying, and mopping functions. Ultenic sent it for review, so I often use it for a few weeks, and overall I am very satisfied with this device. It vacuums well, seems to have enough suction power, and has no problems with thick carpets and uneven carpets. However, I am concerned about replacement parts and long-term reliability from a relatively new and unknown company.

what is it?

The Ultenic T10 sweeping robot and automatic emptying mop is an intelligent robot that can clean the floor. The video above shows the mopping and vacuuming of the device. I mainly use it on the main floor of our mixed floor, but also test and test the multi-map function on other floors. The robot vacuum cleaner will automatically map and clean the entire floor, increase the suction power when the carpet is detected, and the user can use the mobile application to control the prohibited and prohibited mopping areas (will be described in detail in the comments later). It uses lidar sensors to automatically map the room and clean it in a nice front-to-back mode.

What’s in the box?

The box contains the Ultenic T10 robot vacuum cleaner and mop, which can be emptied by itself, manuals and documents, replacement filters, automatic emptying of the trash can and charging stand, additional bags for automatic emptying of the trash, replacement side brushes, cleaning tools, two Mop cover, power cord, a remote control and remote control batteries.

Hardware specifications

  • Suction power: 3000 kPA
  • Trash can storage: 4.3 liters large trash can-“up to 60 days” clean storage
  • Voice control: compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Intelligent control: scheduling, up to 15 restricted areas, multi-room mapping
  • Navigation and mapping technology: 360-degree lidar and optical sensors
  • Water tank: 300ml water storage tank
  • Automatic recovery: If the battery is low, the robot will return to the home and return to the previous location to complete the cleaning after charging.
  • Cleaning mode: point cleaning, customized cleaning, whole house cleaning, mopping
  • Connection technology: WiFi (2.4 Ghz only)
  • Carpet mode: automatically increase the suction power when the carpet is detected

Design and features

Ultenic T10 sweeping robot

Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum and Mop with Self Empty is a white thing (I prefer the past few robot vacuum cleaners I reviewed-shiny black you can see every dust, but white is more forgiving). It is mainly a plastic structure, but it feels like high-quality plastic. The charging stand and the automatic emptying box are decorated with white plastic and black.

The trash can has space for disposable bags. Ultenic claims that this can hold up to 60 days of dirt and debris from regular cleaning (but they don’t quote floor type or square footage). On our main floor of approximately 800 square feet, about 10 cleanings were performed, and at the end of the review period (approximately a month), it did not even seem to be half full. I haven’t found any replacement bags that match exactly, but Ultenic stated that all replaceable parts will be available in their Amazon store “soon”. This charging base and automatic emptying station is very beautiful: when the vacuum cleaner has finished cleaning or the battery runs out during the cleaning process, it will return to this base. It will charge the vacuum, and the system will also transfer dust/dirt from the vacuum device to the bag of the automatic emptying device. Neat.

At the bottom of the device, we can see the water tank/trash can, 360-degree universal rotating wheel, side brushes, 2 large driving wheels, main vacuum brush and sensors.

The drive wheels are heavy-duty, and they appear to be durable. They can easily pass through uneven floors and carpets that cause other robot vacuum cleaners to jam.

Installation, application and performance

Installing the mobile app for the Ultranic T10 Robot Vacuum and Mop is easy-there is a QR code in the vacuum itself and in the manual. It is not difficult to set up and use to navigate, here are some screenshots:

The mobile app is fully functional and relatively easy to use, and there are no complaints here. I was able to set prohibited areas (to avoid wires) and no mop areas (so it would not pour water on carpeted areas). You can integrate with smart assistants (Alexa and Google Assistant), and schedule your time so that you can let it run overnight when you need it.

This is a dirty corner of our floor before and after the automatic vacuuming-you will notice that there are still some debris left after it. This is common in all the robot vacuum cleaners I have used. The side brush usually throws the debris through the required center area and into the already vacuumed area, so sometimes you have to run it twice to completely clean the floor. In other words, it does a very good job of removing all debris from corners and edges.

If you want to use the mopping function, you must remove the dust box, fill the water tank with water, and install the mop accessory on the bottom of the dust box.

This is the mop attachment under the trash can/water tank.

This is a before-and-after comparison of the mopping function on the floor of our kitchen. This corner is usually used to put our dog’s water bowl, and it is easy to accumulate from the dog’s saliva. You can see that some of them were cleaned up after the mop cycle, but they were definitely not cleaned up completely. For more serious chaos, you will have to do some old-fashioned mopping. The mopping function of Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum and Mop is better than other products I have used and reviewed, but it is only more effective than dragging a wet cloth on the floor.

what do I like

  • Easy to install and use
  • Good vacuum effect
  • Self-draining and automatic charging function

What will i change

  • Either improve the mop function, or delete it and reduce costs
  • No replacement parts available (at the time of review-promised to be launched in the future)

Final thoughts

After about a month of use, the Ultenic T10 robot vacuum cleaner and mop did a good job of keeping the main floor clean (at least from the perspective of vacuuming). My impression of the mopping function is not deep enough to continue adding water and cleaning the mop attachment many times, but it at least helps to remove the dust on the floor. It is easy to remove and clean the main brush after several weeks of use: there is a latch to release it, and a cleaning tool to cut tangled hair or rope. In general, I like this vacuum cleaner and mop. I absolutely love the automatic emptying function and I am glad that I don’t have to empty the small trash can on the vacuum cleaner every few days like the previous equipment.

price: 559.99 USD
Where to buy: Amazon
source: The sample for this review was provided by Ultenic.

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