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He put handcuffs on Donald Trump’s friends and business partners. The Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Alan Weisselberg, were indicted today for crimes under the federal tax law. The corruption stains on the Trump brand, Trump himself and his children are irreversible. Legal experts predict that this is the beginning of more criminal activities. Trump’s now well-known immoral fraud threatens his financial survival, and the imminent threat of imprisonment is at work. Which Republican promoters will take the next “Perp” action to protect Trump?

When his old friend and chief financial officer Alan Wesselberg walked to court in handcuffs, Donald Trump sang his old, tired tune, telling the Democratic Party’s witch hunt and The conspiracy launched by the extreme left against him. However, the fact is that he is a long-term, well-documented liar and liar. In the past four years, his former colleagues and friends (mainly Republicans) have come forward to expose his lies, scams and frauds in business and transactions. He has deceived so many people financially, it is a miracle that he has any loans and acquisition of resources. His financial records show that he has more than 590 million U.S. dollars in debt and his business has gone bankrupt 6 times.

In recent years, the protection of the presidency has allowed him to avoid criminal responsibility. His famous legal tactics hindered court proceedings against him. However, with today’s prosecution of his organization and CFO Wesselberg, Trump added the label of “criminally prosecuted company” to his company name, and the consequences of his corruption just started.

The focus of the accusation is on Wesselberg and the Trump Organization, not Trump or his children. However, allegations of suspected banking, tax and insurance fraud against the Trump family are still under investigation. The Washington Post reported that these indicted crimes “focused on the Trump Organization and its executives not paying taxes on their full salary.” It is estimated that Weisselberg has avoided taxation by approximately. Reportable compensation of USD 900,000. Documents obtained by New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance and State Attorney General Leticia James listed apartments, cars, holiday gifts and tuition as forms of compensation to executives who were found to have not reported taxes. However, on a separate ledger, the value of these compensations is reported by the Trump Organization as a deduction on the company’s tax returns.

Legal experts say that these tax crimes are very serious. This is a blatant steal from the US government. Weisselberg was charged with 15 felony counts, including major theft, criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records. The post pointed out that New York prosecutors continue to investigate potential allegations of Trump’s 2016 campaign hush payment to Stormy Daniels and misleading lenders and tax authorities regarding the value of his property. The recent prosecutions against the Trump Organization and Wesselberg are considered the beginning of possible criminal prosecutions for Trump, Don, Ivanka, Eric, and other associates of the crumbling Trump Empire. Not the end.

Before the tax fraud prosecution this week, there were signs that the value of the Trump brand was declining internationally. The owners of properties managed by the Trump Organization have been breaking ties with the brand and ripping out the letters spelling TRUMP from their buildings. The deterioration of Trump’s name has been happening since the Trump scandal plagued the president.

Trump is still relevant, although there are five reasons for his “stolen election scam”:

  • A power-hungry, corrupt Republican party
  • Trump’s pathological cult exists in American politics
  • White identity fear
  • racism
  • Vicious partisanship

Will the patriotic and anti-Trump Republicans dare to split with the Trump Republican Party and form a new party, even though it may allow the Democratic Party to win the election in the short term? This may be the only way to guarantee the cessation of the Trumpist movement that redefines American democracy as an authoritarian government. The size of Trump’s followers is a dangerous sign that racism and personality cult may be enough to do this.

Supporting the Democratic Party’s efforts to win state elections and maintain control of Congress is how the American people save democracy and end cancer Donald Trump’s rule and its attacks on democracy.

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