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Under the leadership of President Joe Biden, a bipartisan infrastructure deal was concluded today. While Trump demonized Democrats and excluded them from decision-making, Biden brought 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans to reach a historic agreement to rebuild the United States and create Millions of new jobs. Biden continues to be successful in what Trump failed to do; doing good for the working class. Biden’s CARE ACT has financially helped families and businesses devastated by the pandemic. His honesty about COVID and propaganda wearing a mask saved lives. In contrast, Trump lied about the deadly nature of COVID-19 and condemned the wearing of masks, which led to the deaths of thousands of Americans. It is refreshing to have an honest, ethical, compassionate and competent president, rather than a corrupt and dishonest insurgent buried in criminal investigations and scandals.

How refreshing is it to have an honest, ethical, compassionate, and capable president instead of a corrupt, dishonest, rude, and substandard dictator buried in criminal investigations and scandals?

No matter how Trump defeated President Barack Obama or current President Joe Biden by lying and deceiving, he always showed it intellectually, morally, and politically. He is a typical corrupt and power-hungry snake oil salesman. So far, these anti-social skills have allowed him to evade legal consequences. However, New York’s investigations into tax evasion and financial crimes, attempts to tamper with the elections in Georgia, inciting rebellions in the Capitol, and false claims that the elections were fraudulent and stolen, have become apparent and even support the growing Republican Party. He is not a patriot. His love for America is a real big lie.

President Biden even impressed those Republican voters who unexpectedly still trusted and loved Trump. The analysis of the president’s agenda reveals his strong values ​​and positive vision for American democracy. The bill he proposed demonstrates his commitment to the working class, public health safety (COVID vaccine distribution), protection of the environment, racial equality, protection of voting rights, climate change policies, affordable healthcare, and rebuilding the economy through investment in U.S. infrastructure . Biden kept his promise of complete transparency to the American people and pursued a bipartisanship. He also kept his promise to restore our relationship with our allies and repair our image damaged by Trump worldwide. Since Biden took office, optimism has grown. His steadiness, compassion and experience have earned him a higher opinion poll rating than Trump.

In contrast, the former president has a set of corrupt values ​​and a dark view of the United States. His agenda included the continuation of his lifelong racist ideology by implementing Muslim bans. His authoritarian views on the presidency led him to create serious disagreements among political parties through a dishonest demonization strategy against the Democratic Party. The tax cuts he passed for the wealthy increased debts, but they did nothing to strengthen the middle class. He withdrew from our global alliance, which created an isolated United States and posed a greater threat to our national security. In addition, he repeatedly violated the Constitution, was impeached twice, and was opposed by many Republican troops and law enforcement officials for abusing his power.

The deal agreed by Biden and the ten senators may not pass congressional review. But Biden won many political views when holding these meetings. He showed that he believed in a two-party system and could negotiate with Republicans flexibly. In addition to his cult followers, Americans are tired of Trump’s harsh tone, lack of honesty and transparency, and “I am above the law” attitude.

Biden vowed not to give up building relationships across parties. He is committed to rebuilding the middle class and investing in the health and education of our children. It is gratifying to have an ethical, authentic, and experienced president. It is exhausting to have an angry, dishonest, and manipulative president. As President Biden worked to heal our country after the attacks on Donald Trump over the past four years, the situation in the United States is getting better.

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