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University students and faculty’s “thousands of knives” and “elitism myths” on micro-attacks-RedState

Do you feel guilty for complimenting someone wrong, that is, an aggression?

The attack in question may be of the “micro” type, but it is still aggressive.

Imperial College of the United Kingdom said so, about the special attitude towards people without privileges.

According to reports Campus reform, The school’s engineering school has Posted a course Designed to prevent terrible treatment.

The title introduces it appropriately: “Micro-attack-what you should know”.

“This short online course,” the page said, “recommended to all engineering school employees and students. It provides “an introductory and basic overview of the following:

  • What is micro-aggression
  • A guide on how to appropriately challenge the micro-attacks we have witnessed, experienced, or committed
  • Tools that help create a more inclusive workplace culture

This is a very different world from just a few decades ago. In the past, we were told that words cannot hurt us.

If we ever believed that we are stone, then the new science clearly points to glass.

Therefore, social actions have become more and more cautious.

Imperial College has provided a video illustrating the influence of arrogant syllables.

The guide says they are “subtle, invisible and insidious.”

“The problem is that if you endure micro-attacks every day, it will have a cumulative psychological impact. It is not only about you, but also about the culture of the organization.”


“It was described as the death of a thousand swords.”

The feature of the animation clip is that cartoon characters shoot pressure bolts from their heads after being attacked.

one example:

“Oh, you are gay! You should meet my friend Jane, she is also gay!

“Oh, because I am gay, so I will like all gay people?”

This is a bad one:

“Well said! When you are blind, it must be much more difficult to give a speech. I am deeply impressed.”

“Why are you shocked that I can achieve as well as my able-bodied colleagues?”

Another example: a desk worker asked to see the ID of a black woman, even if he knew she was working there.

Also: A white woman asked if she could touch another woman’s hair because she was black.


Listed other insults:

  • “You are too good at talking”
  • “You speak English so well”


  • BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority) people are generally not as smart as whites.

One major category of micro-aggression is “color blindness”:

A statement that white people do not want or need to recognize race

Micro-attack example

  • “When I look at you, I can’t see the color.”
  • “There is only one race, humans.”
  • “All lives are important!”


  • Denies the importance of the race/ethnic experience and history of the BAME people

Some other types of insults:

  • Sexualization
  • Assumptions about traditional gender roles
  • Inferiority Hypothesis
  • Use of heterosexual or transgender terms
  • Feel uncomfortable/disapproval of LGBTQ+ experience
  • Sexual pathology and abnormal hypothesis
  • Lack of thinking about LGBTQ+ issues

Another violation in the sexual category is “hypothetical heterosexual/cis-gender”:

Micro-attack example

  • Suppose someone’s partner is of the opposite sex to them
  • Suppose there are no LGBTQ+ people in the room, for example, “We never let any LGBTQ+ people attend our meetings”
  • Hypothetical pronouns


  • LGTBQ+ people are very rare or abnormal
  • LGBTQ+ people can be instantly identified

According to the academy, the last example of microaggression is the “myth of elite rule”:

A statement that asserts that race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. have no effect on life success

Micro-attack example

  • “I believe that the most qualified person deserves this job. We need excellence!”
  • “Men and women have equal opportunities for achievement.”
  • “Gender has no effect on the people we hire.”
  • “If they work hard enough, everyone can succeed in this society.”
  • “Positive action is racism.”


  • The playing field is equal, so if women/BAME/handicapped/LGBTQ+ people cannot do it, the problem lies with them.
  • Black people receive extra unfair treatment because of their race.

If I understand the function of schools correctly, if meritocracy is a myth, it seems that all schools should be closed.

A school, as anything can be said, is based entirely on the concept of merit. Otherwise, there can be no such things as levels.

Or maybe I was wrong-maybe it was a slight aggression.

Indeed, this is a very, very different world.


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