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Use spatial perspective to change your worldview

news -Space. The final state. These words are said at the beginning of each episode of the original “Star Trek” TV series. I have always wanted to see the earth from space. As I mentioned before, my teacher told me that I should become an astronaut because all I did was take up the classroom space. Well, this dream may become a reality, probably in 2024, but there is a price to pay.

Space Perspectives would like to take you on a 6-hour journey on this blue marble, including two hours at a height of 100,000 feet at a total cost of $125,000. Did I mention that your spaceship is hung under the balloon?

Okay-it’s not just any balloon. It is called a space balloon! To be fair, NASA has been using huge balloons to send instruments into space for many years. This is an extension of it, but not a telescope or test equipment suspended under a balloon, but a pilot in the space capsule of eight space explorers and Neptune spacecraft.

What should I do if the balloon bursts? NASA thought of this many years ago.

Between the balloon and the space capsule, they placed a semi-expanded parachute to safely return the space capsule to Earth. Just like a balloon, this is a NASA-proven technology that has been used for a long time.

The space capsule will have eight plush lounge chairs facing outwards, surrounding the space capsule. Anti-glare windows are designed to maximize your photography experience. The capsule will include a beverage station, restrooms, and of course Wi-Fi, so you can broadcast the entire process.

The entire journey will take six hours, including two hours at an altitude of 100.000 feet. For the mathematically challenged, this is equivalent to less than 19 miles, which is much lower than the 50-mile altitude required to legally call yourself an astronaut, or the 62-mile altitude required for you to have entered space. However, 100,000 feet is almost three times the height of 35,000 feet where you can see the curvature of the earth. No matter how you cut it, it looks pretty.

One real benefit of this type of flight is that it will be very smooth. Since there is no rocket, there will be no push into the seat and terrible vibration and gravity that we saw in the movie. This will be a steady rise and fall, I dare call it a luxury flight.

In addition to the 6-hour flight, Space Perspectives also promises the following:

  • Well-planned invitation-only events to build bonds that will last a lifetime
  • The main reveal is a sneak peek, such as the interior of the spacecraft Neptune
  • VIP access to technical milestones, such as future test flights and first test flights
  • An astronaut to guide you during your pre-flight journey
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of NASA and where your spacecraft was built
  • Exclusive update on the progress of your flight date

If you have $125,000 in your pocket, go for it Space perspective. Fully refundable $1,000 to seize a position. You can even book the entire capsule for eight crew members. They also charged a larger deposit for the first 25 flights-you must send them a message to book these flights.

So what do you think? If I start GoFundMe, can I get 125,000 people to send me $1? Or maybe 25,000 people will send me $5? My heart beats faster!

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