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Verstappen brings next victory

JMax Verstappen’s disgust in his ears. He hadn’t heard it so strongly for a long time, living in the moment of victory. On Sunday, the chorus of compatriots resounded from the stands, resounding through the parc fermé, where the Dutchman parked his Red Bull for the first time a few seconds ago. Won again.

Knowledge has never been so precious

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After winning in the same place a week ago, it is now also the Austrian Grand Prix in Styria. This is the third time in two weeks. This time, his second place was Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas and third place was Lando Norris (McLaren). The strongest opponent of the championship title, Lewis Hamilton, “Only” won the fourth place in the second silver arrow. As a result, the leading edge of the drivers standings has expanded again, from 18 points to 32 points (182 points). Could have been more.

Why is it so fast? Sergio Perez had to endure this problem. As Esteban Ocon crashed into the Alps on the first lap, the field was restored after the start of the race, and the Mexican came second with strength. In front of you, then by your side, Norris. Hold your breath. A chasing round passes through the curve. Perez wanted to quickly make up for a small mistake in Saturday’s qualifying match, surpassing the surprise guest Ben Norris in the front row and let Red Bull take the lead.

Damage limitation as a motto

Use a crowbar on the fourth lap of 71? Only enough tête-à-tête. On the outside of the fairway, Perez rushed to the dirty ground and was offside first. “He pushed me out,” the co-pilot called from the other side of the phone. Vistapan, Bought to protect the Dutch, always ranked second. Now he is hovering in tenth place. Missed orders, and more importantly: Mercedes made room without any big demand. Hamilton stood up in the rearview mirror of his famous young compatriot Norris, for the third time, full frame. After 14 laps, it was 6.3 seconds behind the leading Verstappen.

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