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Weekly Economics Podcast: Drifting Green | New Economics Foundation

With the COP26 Global Climate Conference held later this year, we will focus on some of the biggest climate issues in the next five episodes of podcasts-starting from this week.

Last month, 20 young people and scientists tried to occupy London’s Science Museum. They protested against the fact that Shell sponsored a new exhibition on the climate crisis.Protesters accuse Shell of using their sponsorship greenwash’ reputation. After 40 police officers were quickly assembled at the museum to take them away, the occupation ended.

Greenpeace recently stated that we live in The Golden Age of Green Pleasure”, the Ministry of Finance has set up a new team to combat this practice in the financial sector. But what is greening? Why are companies like Coca-Cola and H&M suddenly eager to prove their green credentials? Does it let us Have a false sense of security that we are dealing with the climate crisis?

Joining Ayeisha is Alice Bell, a possible communications director and author of the upcoming book, Our biggest experiment: the history of the climate crisis.

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