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Spain’s new transgender law

Bs will be less than before the pandemic. Even so, this will be a triumphal parade starting from Madrid’s Atocha train station this Saturday. Traditionally, on the first Saturday of July, a large parade will end the “LGTBIQA + Pride Festival” in the Spanish capital. In 2017, more than 1 million people participated in “World Pride”. Due to the corona restriction, the organizers expect that there will not be so many participants this year. But activists have reason to celebrate, because the requirements of their official slogan has become a reality in Spain: “Human rights are not negotiated, they are legally established-comprehensive transgender rights take effect immediately,” he read in 2021.

Coinciding with the annual festivals and parades, the ruling left-wing coalition launched the relevant bill on Tuesday. This date is important for the government because the Spanish left sees itself as avant-garde in terms of equality. After Belgium and the Netherlands, Spain is the third European country to recognize same-sex marriage. The then socialist government implemented it in 2005-against the fierce resistance of the conservative People’s Party (PP) and the People’s Party. Catholic ChurchIn the future, the “right to freely determine gender” will be recognized. The approval of the parliament is considered definitive. By then, Spain will become the 16th country in the world to do this. In Europe, Denmark, Malta, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland and Portugal have all passed similar laws.

“Finally I don’t think I’m sick anymore”

“This is a historic day without any progress 15 years later: transgender people are finally no longer considered sick in Spain,” said Irene Montero, the gender equality minister from the left-wing replacement Podemos party. In the future, submitting two declarations to the registry every three months will be sufficient to change the gender-without the need for a two-year medical diagnosis and hormone therapy, which was necessary in the past. The age limit is 16 years; parents must agree to minors between 14 and 16 years old. Children aged 13 and 14 also need court approval. For some people, it is still too strict. According to Euforia, the organization for the transgender children’s movement, the age limit runs counter to the government’s promised right to self-determination.

The “Transgender Practical and Effective Equality Act” also provides for assisted reproduction for lesbian and bisexual women and “transgender persons who can become pregnant.” In the future, unmarried mothers living together will be recognized when registering their births. “Diversity” will appear in school curricula, and slander on the grounds of sex will result in high fines. The so-called “conversion therapy” used to “cure” homosexuality will be banned, with a fine of up to 150,000 euros. However, according to the draft, changing gender will not have any retrospective consequences. This means that no one can escape higher punishments.

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