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What did Kyle Rittenhouse say about race in an interview with Tucker Carlson? – Red State

The last few days have been…. Articles I wrote After Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict, the admission of concerns about the criminal justice system was met with a lot of hatred that I had never seen before in RedState.This motivates me Write a follow-up Resolve allegations of unexplainable racism in trying to talk to white people as white people. I want to take a moment to thank those who not only got this piece, but more importantly, those who disagree and respectfully do so. I don’t expect every review article I write here to be hailed as amazing content.

The first thing people hate most is especially this sentence:

“However, calling Rittenhouse a’white supremacist’ or suggesting that the judgment is related to race is a complete lie. this The verdict did not. Of course, this feels like justice to us, but we can understand why this may be unfair to others. When we watch the trial, we all know it will be the result, But if Kyle is black And facing the challenges faced by young blacks in our judicial system, first, he may never raise funds to pay for Kyle’s defense, and second, he will never get the support of conservatives like Kyle. “

Although there are many examples in support of this statement, someone told me that I am racist even to make such a suggestion. I know people want to think that if it were a young black kid instead of Kyle, they would do the same, but in this regard, our record as conservatives is not good.However, if you think that I am the only person in my evaluation, then you will be very disappointed, and some of you may change your view on how to evaluate Non-racist Kyle Rittenhouse is.

“I believe that change is needed. I believe that not only in my case, but also in other cases, there have been a lot of prosecutors’ misconduct. Well, it’s amazing to see that prosecutors can use someone’s advantage. If they treat me like this Do, imagine what they would do to a person of color. They may not have the resources that I do, or they may not be as widely publicized as my case.”

I will tell you why Kyle thinks this way: Kyle has always been “inside” the criminal justice system. He has witnessed the people who are victims of the system who do not have the resources to hire lawyers worthy of their salt to defend them against false accusations, let alone legal accusations. Acknowledging this, you are not required to wear a racist sign on your neck, because you are not aware of it. However, what it does say is that when someone with this experience tells you that this is a problem, the last thing you need to encounter is something about what you think proves it is not. It backfired.

Kyle is right. If this is a person of color (see: ethnic minorities), you may never have heard of this case. This is not because it will not become news, it is only mentioned for a day or two, and everyone will move on. It is precisely because the leftists are able to mobilize wrong-informed criminals (see: media) to rotate this case about race, we even heard what we heard about this case. If a black child kills a white man, the idea that he will never be arrested is a guess. If a black child kills a black man, you can almost guarantee that you will never hear of this case. Damn, if there is no video involving AR-15, it might not even become national news. We are all involved in the narrative struggle, including myself.

Did Rittenhouse say that the system might take different actions against people of color and racists? Race bait? Woke up nonsense? of course not. This is reality. Please pay attention to a reality, we will better recognize that we can change a reality so that the left can no longer use it against us.

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