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What happens to the Foundation after the breakup of Bill and Melinda Gates?

Mr. Suzman, when Bill and Melinda Gates announced their divorce in May, they only said that their role in the United Foundation would not change. But now there is a provision that if Melinda or Bill no longer consider the possibility of further cooperation, Melinda will abandon her position. Why did the initial situation change?

First, Bill and Melinda have repeatedly stated that they fully intend to serve as co-chairs and members of the board of directors for a long time. But of course, when the two co-chairs divorce, this is a basic step, which raises questions about what will happen in the future. This is why they agreed to this clause as part of the divorce agreement. We think it is important to be transparent about the existence of this clause now because we announced our leadership reform. With Warren Buffett stepping down from the board, we hope to expand the board, and we believe that new members should understand the clause. But again: I don’t want and expect it to be used.

You derive this optimism from your observations of how Bill and Melinda have worked together in the past few months?

Yes it is. Bill and Melinda have been closely involved in the work of the foundation for two months after their divorce. You have participated in many meetings together and made bigger decisions.For example, Melinda held a new initiative on gender equality in Paris in front of the French President last week Emmanuel Macron And other politicians, we plan to spend $2.1 billion in the next five years. The two have shown that they can cooperate constructively even after divorce.

How often have you seen Bill and Melinda Gates?

I often contact them. I want to say that in the two months after the divorce was announced, I had dozens of meetings with them, one-on-one, and both of them. I will regularly communicate via e-mail and other methods, such as the announcement we made last weekend.

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Why would Melinda instead of Bill leave when the collaboration is no longer valid?

This is part of their agreement, I don’t have any additional details, I can only pass on what I was told.

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