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Disney Lops’Ladies and Gentlemen’, rebounding’boys and girls’ in the name of tolerance – RedState

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement: Disney is canceling the announcement of “Ladies and Gentlemen”.

According to reports ABC News, Orlando’s Walt Disney Resort saw the return of the Magic Kingdom fireworks last week.

But although it was closed due to the pandemic, the happiest place in the world has perfected its display.

Therefore, it is strange that this big show lacks a well-known introduction of adult men and women.

Also deleted: “Boys and girls.”

This change has benefited from “broader efforts.”

So clarified the company spokesperson to ABC.

The mouse is moving.

In April, Disney updated key components of its customer service.

Over 65 years, There are four:

  • Safety
  • courtesy
  • Performance
  • effectiveness

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the fifth:

From the Disneyland blog at the time:

[W]When we asked our actors how we can better cultivate a culture of belonging, they suggested adding a fifth key: the key to tolerance. Just like the four keys before, the five keys-with tolerance as the core-will continue to guide us in interacting with guests, cooperating, creating the next generation of Disney products and experiences, and making key business decisions about our future.

As for deleting any mention of sex before the fireworks—reduced to “good evening, dreamers of all ages”—the Internet exploded.

some Respond to:

  • “They don’t have to worry about offending me because I won’t go to this place again. My family has loved Disney for the past 50 years, but I will not visit Cancel Culture Land in this world of tomorrow. You can’t deny other people Come to include everyone.”
  • “Disney is a financial giant that pays researchers and marketing executives to find what most paying customers want and like. That’s it. This is what is called free market capitalism.”
  • “How does this affect the experience? Do you just hate it because you don’t want to change things? Well, that’s a mistake, because this way of looking at things will cause the inevitable deaths in your life to do more harm than them. The injury you must endure.”
  • “Disney is the most racist place on earth. Why are you going?”
  • I love ‘Dreamer of all ages’, because it really makes this super personal and more magical. It’s so heartwarming. “
  • Walter Club Never do that. “
  • Because of course, Only sexual reproduction between the two sexes is untrue. In other news, vaccines are fake, the world is flat, and global warming is not real. Just because people want more than two genders, this cannot be achieved. “

Back to the broader effort, the park Relax the dress code Recently too.

“[W]I hope our actors-and future actors-have a sense of belonging,” Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disneyland, Experiences and Products wrote.

Therefore, the dudes working for Walt can now display their tattoos.

Men are welcome to wear sports earrings and dark nail polish:

Polite my cover area:

Per Josh, these changes not only enable the company to “remain relevant in today’s workplace,” but also “enable…actors to better express their culture and personality at work.”

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls can enjoy it all; they just won’t be called that again.


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