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Where is the social care plan?

Despite promises to “repair” social care, the government once again kicked it to the ground

Despite the promise Fixing the’social care’, it seems that the government has kicked the jar down again. In the Queen’s speech on Tuesday, Just a rough mention of social care, And the government has not yet proposed a specific reform bill. There is only one line-Proposals for social care reform will be put forward. “

Long before the emergence of Covid-19, the system needed to be completely reformed, but the pandemic made the situation worse. The current government has made the protection of the NHS a priority, but it has left the social care sector in a difficult situation and brought catastrophic consequences. Mortality rate in nursing homes only -This is only part of the care system-very high. In the first wave with Covid-19 as a cause or contributing factor, more than 20,000 people died in nursing homes, and in the second wave, more than 21,000 people died.

As we emerge from the pandemic, reforming social care should be our top priority Universal Nursing Service — Providing high-quality support to everyone who needs it, regardless of their ability to pay — is the only way out.

The sticking point that prevents the government from doing anything in terms of social care seems to be the cost. It is reported that the Ministry of FinanceOn this basis, the proposal was rejected. But the expenditure on care is not just the cost, As the local government association has correctly argued This is an investment in people.” Nursing is an essential social infrastructure, and all our lives — and the wider economy — depend on it. If we spend on a better care system, we will look at it. To return later.

Even in the short term, investing in a better care system can boost employment. Nursing is already a major economic sector, Employs more than 1.5 million people . The Women’s Budget Group has indicated If the UK invests 2% of GDP in the nursing industry, it will create more than 1.5 million jobs. Construction investment is the traditional focus of infrastructure investment and a typical growth catalyst, creating half of the jobs at the same cost.

Investment in nursing can expand the number of employment in the nursing industry and allow unpaid nursing staff to freely choose the employment opportunities they are willing to accept. If the new social care system also supports the participation of disabled adults in social and economic life, it can also enable them to find employment if they wish. The increase in employment will have a positive impact on taxation, which can offset part of the initial cost of investment.If we want to accompany investment Nursing service structure reformAway from the market, competition and private ownership, we can also ensure that the quality of care and the quality of care work is significantly improved.

The US Joe Biden administration has recognized the potential of nursing and has made Heavy investment in nursing work The government has invested 400 billion U.S. dollars in an infrastructure plan designed to promote employment and help the recovery of Covid-19 to expand access to family and community services for the elderly and the disabled.

If Biden can do something so quickly, why has the government not done anything for so long? Why do they continue to postpone this important investment?

image: Andrew Parsons(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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