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Who is the referrer? -Intermediate #28-Italian Podcast

Any Italian has heard or used the word “recommendation” in their lives, and more than anyone, at least once. So who are these “recommendations” that everyone is talking about? Let’s start with the recommended meaning of the verb, as described in the Treccani dictionary: Commission To other people or things Very close to my heart, Pray or exhort […] of But please be extra careful

In this sense, recommendation simply means asking someone to be kind to others, in short. In a similar sense, the expression “I recommend!” is often used, so in reflexive verbs, in the sense of “I trust you“, in such as “Please don’t be late! ”Or “Please remember to bring me what I asked you! “.
It is also important to remember that “recommend” is not used like the English verb “recommend”. This is a mistake many people make, but we will never say things like “I recommend a movie” or “I recommend a book”. Instead, we would say “I recommend a movie” or “a book”.

Commission = Commission
Caring about a person
= Careful
Be careful
= Care
Trust someone/something = Believe in something

Therefore, the verb itself does not seem to have a negative connotation. However, the meaning of these words has changed, and over time, this verb also has another meaning, partly related to but slightly different from the first one, which always quotes Treccani: report A person, put one’s oar in It is beneficial to her, so that she is favored in examinations, competitions, allocation of places, etc. “ This can also be good if it involves Favor A very capable person, so let us say “recommend” to others based on their strengths.When it comes to people who are simply incompetent or better than other competitors, problems arise, such as workplace, But they still get priority Because someone “recommended them”.

A classic example: in order to get a job and work for the country, for example, as an office clerk, you must participate in God game, Under normal circumstances You got To a series of tests to pass (e.g. Cross-cutting issues, Oral examination, etc.).According to the results obtained The ranking has been set, And then a list arranged in order of merit based on the scores obtained in the test.However, people with low scores can get over, exceed Those who are in front of him, for example, if he knows people with whom fill in These rankings are still important figures in the industry. The most classic recommendation is to be the son of an important and influential person in a certain field. Therefore, “recommendation” is an example of nepotism, that is, an attempt to favor one’s relatives and friends in order to get them a position, position, or job.

report = Recommend (someone)
intercede = by helping someone to mediate

grace = Support, promote, advance
work place
= Workplace
= First come first served
= Competitive examination to find a job for the country
You got
= An experience
Cross question
= Multiple choice questions
The ranking has been set
= Developed a ranking
Overtaking/overtaking = Overtaking, overtaking
fill in = Fill in

Recommendation is obviously a program Unlawful, But this situation is not uncommon.Italy has more referral questions than ever current, Especially in the public domain. Unfortunately, in Italy, people often hear phrases such as “I won’t go anywhere without a recommendation”, especially in some particularly prestigious occupations, and often hear phrases such as “There is no elite management in Italy.” Kind of phrase.In fact, due to recommendations, some important and subtle roles are often occupied by less capable people who are not They filled this position For their merits, but totally grateful for their KnowledgeOver time, Italy has taken some measures to limit and combat this practice, which may not be as common today as it used to be, but it has not disappeared.

In summary, “Recommend” someone This is not a good compliment: it means to accuse him simply because someone has made “Say a good thing“For him. Just a few days ago, a serious case broke out in Italy, involving judges who were supposed to be “guardians of justice”, and as a result they were also involved in facts related to recommendations and corruption.
In short, in Italy, this problem sometimes hinders people who are truly worthy, so it is particularly serious, but at the same time it is difficult to solve because it has existed for a long time and has almost become a part of our culture and us. psychological. Please let us know if there are recommendations and recommendations in your country/region, and if you know that this practice is still so common in Italy.


Illegal = Unlawful
current = Current, current
Position = Hold position
Knowledge = In this case, “connect”, a known person
Give someone some… = Call someone…
Say a good thing = Say a good thing

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