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Will the Delta mutant virus appear after the red countries with low vaccination levels? Some people say that COVID-19 is sent to ensure that Trump will not be re-elected. Now, without vaccines, masks, and tests, will people without Vaxxers tempt their fate by returning to normal life? In January of this year, Trump was frightened and wanted to be vaccinated, but still secretly opposed supporting Americans to vaccinate. His poor management of the pandemic caused him to lose his re-election, the right to vote in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Will his supporters risk their lives to imitate his stupidity?

In addition to lying to Americans about the danger COVID-19 poses to their lives, Trump also stupidly contracted COVID by not taking the protective measures recommended by the CDC. His pathological self-esteem has led him to develop a masculine attitude, denying the risks associated with contracting COVID. He spread the deadly virus to his young son, wife and most of his employees. He held super-spreader rallies and White House events, and continued to encourage others to laugh at experts’ warnings about the danger of contracting COVID. The media recently obtained information about Trump’s illness due to COVID infection. Without the special drug monoclonal antibody treatment he received, he might die. Now, his followers in the Red State are following his reckless behavior, refusing to be vaccinated, and viewing their positions as a statement of support for Trump.

Public health officials and President Biden are fighting to save lives. They are not as politically motivated in their fight against COVID-19 as the power mongers Trump, McConnell, McCarthy and most Republicans were elected to Congress. Voters in southern predominantly red states refused to be vaccinated. Sorry to sound harsh and judgmental, but in the interview, why didn’t they shoot, it sounded so stupid and immature. Their answers include:

  • “I don’t believe Biden
  • “I am healthy, I am not afraid of contracting the new coronavirus”
  • “The virus will attract me.”
  • “Not being vaccinated is my constitutional right”
  • “Bill Gates inserted a chip into the lens to steal my information.”
  • “Trump thinks the government is exaggerating the epidemic.”
  • “The vaccination came out too quickly, I think it is not safe.
  • “I don’t believe in Dr. Fauci and science

These responses sound stupid, brainwashed, and selfish. These beliefs increase the chances of these Red State Republicans contracting COVID-19 or Delta variants and being hospitalized or dying due to stubbornness, low IQ, partisanship, Trump worship, or death desire. Trump, McConnell, and McCarthy are trying to undermine the great success of President Joe Biden and his administration in controlling the virus. The health of the American people is being threatened by the Republican Party. According to the Constitution, the Republican Party should cooperate with opposition parties for the benefit of the country. This is the theory behind the two-party system that the authoritarian Republican Party no longer supports.

The country may soon face the human dilemma of how to treat and deal with these irresponsible vaccine-free people. They will become super spreaders and exhaust state and federal funds to treat their preventable COVID. Trump’s model of resistance and denial about the need to use protective measures to avoid contracting COVID has been a template for these selfish, unaware, or cult vaccine resisters. The threats they pose to our public health and the potential financial drain they cause to local and national economies should have consequences. After contracting COVID-19 and becoming seriously ill due to arrogance and responsibility, even Trump vaccinated himself. This may be the only behavior this blog suggests to his loyalists to follow.

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