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With Ray Charles, on July 4 this year, I celebrate America! – Red State

This July 4th holiday heralds the unique, iconic and unparalleled voice of Ray Charles singing “Beautiful America”. No one can sing this song like Ray Charles. The depth of his interpretation comes from his story: a blind man, he saw the glory and fall of himself, this country and mankind, but he can still sing the grace of God in this country and find And celebrate good things.

On these pages and elsewhere, there is a lot of controversy about June Festival celebrations, which are now commemorated as a national holiday, reducing or replacing Independence Day.As i am in mine article, Although this is the intention of some people, it will never happen. Knowing more about history and how it shapes our view of America and independence is not a bad thing, but a good thing; conservatives should use it as a starting point to teach historical integrity, not historical selectivity.

Describe how the signing of the Declaration of Independence became the first stage of the journey to end slavery and lead us to June, and how freedom is not a random construction, but a state of existence that must be carefully thought out and pursued. , Yes, seize every opportunity to celebrate. Thomas Jefferson said to himself,

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”

The vigilant, rigorous and organic joy in America’s beauty, richness and happiness is Charles’ interpretation of “Beautiful America”. Gratitude is a natural by-product of free life. The gratitude and praise embodied in the lyrics and his delivery of the lyrics are undeniable.

website Popular history mining talk Message from the people, Charles recorded the album “Beautiful America” ​​for the first time:

In this album, Charles explained that his purpose of approaching this album was to add “some mistakes about our country” songs, but also “want to show its beauty and greatness”.

This is in sharp contrast to the large number of attempts in the past year to re-initiate lawsuits on race relations issues in the United States and undermine the results already achieved. There is an iconic movement to destroy history and rewrite a version that emphasizes bad things in order to retaliate while avoiding good things. Therefore, the singing of “Stars and Stripes” and “Beautiful America” ​​has gained more strength and background in these days. It is definitely for me, and I believe it is for many others.

This is also a stark reminder that the versions of these songs that all compatriots like, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or beliefs, are made by a person named DS, And Mr. Ray Charles.

In my case, this shuts down a large part of this kind of separate holiday and separate country nonsense.Houston and Charles love America and the opportunities provided to them. This will not happen anywhere. but United States. On September 18, 1972, while recording the Dick Cavett show, Charles sang his “Beautiful America” ​​for the first time.

In an interview with Cavite, Charles talked about the lesson his mother taught him that although he is blind, he must be self-sufficient. These courses should be taught to today’s young people, whether they are healthy or not.

Charles was born and raised in the apartheid South and suffered under Jim Crow. For most of his adult life, he experienced racism, hatred, discrimination, and marginalization. However, what he chose to reflect and celebrate was the beauty and blessings that the United States gave him, and that he alone (among other things) did his part to promote and change the role of blacks in the United States.

I’ve heard Charles sing several versions of this song, from the Cavite show in 1972 to some national performances in Washington and New York at the end. Charles is very detailed in all his arrangements, and this time it was done in collaboration with Quincy Jones, his lifelong friend, and it was no exception. The fact that Charles chose to start with the third verse of the ballad is very evocative, reflecting his heart and love for the country-and those who sacrifice themselves for freedom.

“O a beautiful hero proof

In the liberation dispute.

Who loves themselves more than their country

Pity is better than life!

United States! United States!

May god refine your gold

Until all success is noble

Every harvest is sacred! “

The power of Charles’s interpretation lies in the thoughtful expression of the weight and economy of each word. He let them all count, you feel every one.

This song is a gift from a man who had a tragic beginning, enduring the insults of Jim Crow, drug addiction, and many other public and personal failures. However, he surpassed all of this. In his journey and musical expression, Charles gave the United States and Americans a kind of transcendence and opened the way for his generation and future generations.

The story of Ray Charles is the story of America. Mine is too, so is yours. One of the many reasons I am proud of being an American.

The studio succeeded.

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