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With the announcement of the crackdown, more than 200 migrants tried to cross the strait

according to work from home, Border Guard officials intervened in 6 incidents involving 212 people, while French authorities reported 7 interceptions and prevented another 238 people from reaching the UK.

So far this year, a record number of people have crossed the English Channel in small boats, and nearly 6,000 people will arrive in the UK in the first six months of 2021.

Border Guard officials were involved in six incidents involving 212 people on Sunday

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Analysis by the Pennsylvania News Agency shows that if the number of transits in July and August last year is repeated, the total number of people in 2020 (8,417) may be eclipsed within two months.

Secret Strait Threat Commander Dan Omaoni said: “We have seen an unacceptable rise in dangerous and unnecessary boat crossings, as illegal immigration across Europe has led to a significant increase in northern immigration. France Attempt to enter the UK illegally.

“The government continues to use intelligence and surveillance to target criminal groups responsible for these illegal border crossings at all levels. The joint work with France means that we have doubled the number of local police intercepting border crossings in France and arrested the people behind this transaction. Gang.”

At the same time, the government announced a heavier sentence of imprisonment for immigrants seeking to travel to the UK by boat and their promoters of human smuggling.

On Sunday, the Ministry of the Interior announced stricter enforcement of immigrants and human smugglers as part of the Nationality and Borders Act, which will be first read in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

The proposed legislation aims to criminalize deliberately arriving in the UK without permission, and the maximum penalty for illegal immigrants will be increased from six months’ imprisonment to four years.

The number of dangerous journeys across the English Channel hit a record high this year

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The government also plans to increase tariffs on human smugglers, and those convicted will face life imprisonment—from the current maximum of 14 years.

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