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Silva’s change is a loss and an opportunity

NSo it happened what everyone in Frankfurt assumed: top scorer and club record holder Andre Silva Submit to the offer of a stronger club and switch to Leipzig RB. The transfer fee of between 23 and 25 million euros (depending on whether or not the bonus is paid) may seem unsatisfactory at first glance, and fans dream of more than 40 million euros. But these expectations are doubly unrealistic.

On the one hand, due to the corona decline, such an amount can only be raised by very few clubs. On the other hand, Silva’s Eintracht contract contains a special clause to regulate future changes. club. This sets a basic transfer fee of 23 million euros. In return, Eintracht saved the consultant fee for Silva’s permanent commitment after loaning from AC Milan, and after offsetting the transfer to Milan with Antrebic, almost no transfer fee expired.Typical transaction Freddie Bobbys.

No reason to criticize

During the difficult corona climax, he did not withdraw any liquidity from Eintracht. The team received a qualified professional and gave it to a dissatisfied professional (Rebic) who only had 50% of the transfer right. No one can predict that the Portuguese forward will score 28 goals in the next season, so Silva’s transfer will be overshadowed by this. Bobic’s business was simply commendable when it closed. Even now, there is no reason to criticize. If the exchange between Silva and Rebic never happened, Rebic’s transfer would require a transfer fee of 46 million euros to get the same positive results. For a player who really wants to leave Eintracht, this is a totally unrealistic amount.

Silva’s farewell meant a huge sports loss for the Frankfurters. But none of them cannot be compensated. Eintracht will never find a forward who can score 28 goals. But the burden of scoring can spread to a few feet and a few heads. RB Leipzig He also scored 60 goals this season-his best scorer is Marcel Sabitzer, who only scored the ball into the opponent’s goal 8 times. Borussia Mönchengladbach scored 64 goals, of which Lars Stindl (14 goals) was the king of shooters. He scored 60 Bundesliga goals in harmony with the legendary Buffalo herd, and 59 without them.

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