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Working as an employee and working as a freelancer-RST # 68-Italian Podcast

= Opponent (in business)/competition
I turned to participate in the competition.

Freelancer = Self-employed workers, freelancers / Freelancer
We want to talk about the life of an employee and the life of a self-employed person and a freelancer.

Stage = Important moments/phases, phases
Starting to work is an important stage in a person’s life.

Decent= presentable / Respectable and fair
Will I find a job with a reasonable salary and no less than a decent threshold?

Hard work = Often, habitually
I’m not looking for (work) hard.

Hurry up = Don’t miss the opportunity/seize, jump over
With this opportunity, I decided to seize it immediately

Chabata = flip flop
Pantofora =
Soft slippers

Competition = Competitive examination/competition
I am also learning for the game

Good or bad= più o meno / All in all, after all
Between studying and essay, no matter good or bad, I can make a full day.

Due date = deadline
Oh willing to refuse =
Whether you like it or not/whether you like it or not
There is also the fact that there is a deadline, so I know I must complete it anyway.
All freelancers have clients who give them some deadline.

Frequency = (Work)/shift
This is not everyone’s life, because some people’s work involves shifts.

Reservation = Pre-determined/pre-determined

employer = Who gives you work/employer
You have no fixed working hours, and you have no employers.

Walkable = Can be covered/feasible, possible
I slowly believe that maybe this is a feasible way

Activity = business
If you have your own activity, Maybe you can give me some suggestions.

client = Who is looking for you to work/customers, customers, buyers
This is the life of content creators, their audiences are people, not gods client.

Takeover = Dominate other things/get the upper hand
This activity can take over anything you do.

Disconnect/unplug (plug/work/something)= (qui) fare una pausa / take a break from something
It is very difficult to truly break free.
You keep thinking about it, even if you want to disconnect, then never disconnect again.

network = Clear, precise/clear
I guess they are not so clear and defined categories.

buckle = Give when no one wants
It seems silly to me, because you are trying to label a very heterogeneous group of people.

Railroader = People working on railways/railroad workers
The railroad worker gave you the identity

Exiled from = Do not belong / fall outside
Our identity transcends the work we do.

Accessories (adjustment) = Secondary, optional/extra
Work as if it is an auxiliary thing, but it is not what defines us.

contain = assorbire / absorb, merge
Otherwise, you will face the risk of being included in the job.

Explain yourself = Express yourself clearly/make yourself clear
I don’t know if you understand me.

Find yourself in something = I think it’s true, seeing myself in something/ to contact
I am not a sociologist, I found myself there.

forging = Machining metal (light up), shaping the character (here) / shaping, shaping
You forge, create, shape, and modify your character.

Vein =Related to money
Salary is a very cheap aspect.

maintain = Make a living/support yourself
We don’t have to feed ourselves, we currently don’t have this problem.

get = Survive in fatigue / barely live
Then there are freelancers, they always have to past.

Take it for granted = take for granted
You don’t have to rely on luck or what you have been able to achieve and do things for granted.

float = Gaze at Gala / Float
They keep going, they float in life idly.

Feeding = Incitement, incitement (here, literally translated as “feeding”)/incitement, cultivation
It is not right to accept hunger just because you are desperate, otherwise you will feed the system.

practice = Stage/internship
You did an internship a few months ago.

presentable = rispettable / respectable and fair (See decent above)
In my opinion, a decent salary is around 1500 (Euro per month)

Indecent = Disrespect, immoral/shameless, indecent
Evaluation = (To) consider/evaluate, consider
This is an indecent proposal, but I have already evaluated it.

Self-love= Self-esteem
It also requires a certain amount of dignity and self-love.

Do it down = umiliarsi / humiliate yourself
Don’t succumb to doing immoral things.

Cioli Lingua = Tongue twister
There is a famous tongue twister with the word “live” in it.

Touch (someone) = It’s your turn / It’s your turn
It’s up to you now.

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