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WTF: What is the future podcast-5 destructive characters are killing your creativity and Chase Jarvis

in Episode 2 of WTF: What is the future, I can spend time with another dear friend, Chase JarvisIn my opinion, Chase is one of the most creative and inspiring artists in the digital economy. We also had some of the most affectionate conversations of my life around the world. I am proud to know him.

Chase and I joined WTF to discuss his latest book, Creative call: Establish daily practice, inject meaning into your world, and achieve success in work + life. As Chase said, “Life is not about finding fulfillment and success-but about creating it.” Good news? Creativity is not a skill-it is a habit, a way of thinking, and a practical lever that can change our lives and breathe life into everything we do. Your personal strength awaits you.

Whether you realize it or not, you are creative. We are all. This is a profound theme that I explored in the last book, Life scale. Creativity means creation.

I discussed with Chase Jarvis, CEO of CreativeLive and author of Creative Calling, why popular culture opposes creativity.What to wear: what is creativity and what is not

Why creativity is the key task

Why popular culture opposes creativity

Our society is more creative than ever

3 things about creativity

1) Creativity is not just art.

Drawings and photos are great, but creativity means creating things.

You can create a machine… breakfast… dialogue…

You can also create possibilities (more on this later).

2) Creativity is a muscle.

Chase said that you should exercise creativity by creating things you create purposefully.

If you develop the habit of being creative, it will become stronger and stronger.

By showing you that you have the ability to create health, vitality, success and satisfaction, consciously being creative can give you autonomy in life.

3) Creativity is not optional.

Creativity is not only valuable, it is also vital.

If you do not create, then you are just living your life passively without purpose.

Creativity is our motivation for doing things.

To sum up-why do most adults lose the creative pleasure of childhood?

Why does popular culture underestimate creativity?

Listen to the entire conversation between me and Chase to find out.

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