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Ted Cruz publicly threatened to “wake up” the company that he would no longer accept their bribes

In a naked, malicious review article Wall Street Journal, Ted Cruz told companies that support Georgia’s anti-democratic election laws that he will no longer accept their bribes in exchange for ignoring their malfeasance:

This time, we will not turn a deaf ear to the $12 billion in taxes owed by Coca-Cola. This time, when Major League Baseball lobbied to keep its billion-dollar antitrust exception, we would say no, thank you.This time when Boeing To demand billions of corporate benefits, we will only let the Export-Import Bank expire.

During the nine years in the Senate, I received $2.6 million in donations from the company’s political action committee. Starting today, I will no longer accept any corporate PAC funds. I urge my fellow Republicans at all levels to do the same.

When you need help with tax cuts or regulatory reforms, I hope the Democratic Party will answer your call, because we may not. Starting today, we will not charge you any money either.

(image: Jamel Bouy, CC)

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