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Yale University professor said she was fired by him after criticizing Alan Dershowitz

Dr. Bandy Lee previously taught in the Department of Psychology at Yale University. Lee criticized Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz on Twitter, who was the target of allegations of sexual misconduct.Dershowitz is also the author of a book De-culture: the latest attack on freedom of speech. She said Lee was fired from Yale University for criticizing Trump and Dershowitz., After Dershowitz wrote to her employer requesting that she be disciplined.

Lee’s complaint alleges that Yale University fired her in response to a January 2020 tweet that described “almost all” former President Donald Trump’s supporters as suffering from “common mental illness” and stated that Tron Alan Dershowitz, an attorney for the general legal team, “completely Trump’s symptoms are transmitted through an infectious disease.” Dershowitz responded to this tweet. A letter to Yale University administrators, In which he complained that Lee’s tweets “seriously violated the ethical rules of the American Psychiatric Association” and demanded disciplinary action against her.

In a world where vulgar people hype free speech while constantly trying to silence others through censorship and litigation, Dershowitz is a model and Has a long-standing form.

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