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Zigma Aero-300 Smart WiFi Air Purifier Review

Zigma Aero-300 Smart WiFi Air Purifier

Review – California is famous for many things (most of which are great), but one thing is not particularly good, and that is our air quality. Over the years, the smog situation has improved a lot. People might think that California has not many places to burn, but it is a big place, and there has been a fire in our area. This prompted me to look for an air purifier. Today I want to talk about the Zigma Aero-300 smart WiFi air purifier. My family room can no longer smell the bonfire!

what is it?

Zigma Aero-300 Smart WiFi Air Purifier is a quiet air purifier that can clean up to 1,580 square feet in one hour!

What’s in the box?

Zigma Aero-300 Smart WiFi Air Purifier and Manual

Set up

This setting air purifier It’s easy. It involves removing the lid and peeling the wrapper from the filter, then downloading the app and scanning the QR code when prompted. I also took an extra step and followed the prompts to add it to my Google Home and Echo devices. More on that below.


Perhaps the most interesting part of the Zigma Aero-300 Smart WiFi Air Purifier is that it will automatically test and clean the air in your home. There are some halos on the top of the device to indicate the air quality at any given moment. Blue is good, green is good. Orange is medium, red is bad. If you need specific information, you can check the Zigma app, which will provide you with particle levels. After getting the air purifier while my son and I were cooking, I soon had the opportunity to test it. We turned off the smoke alarm (my son learned that the smoke point of olive oil is very low), I looked at the air purifier and it was all red. If I put the machine in automatic mode, it will automatically adjust according to the air quality, but I didn’t, so I started it myself and opened some windows.

Zigma Aero-300 Smart WiFi Air Purifier is equipped with Hepa H13 filter and carbon to absorb odor or smoke. If you are not familiar with it, H13 is a medical grade filter that can remove all particles of 0.21 microns with an efficiency of 99.9%. From this perspective, a human hair is about 70 microns thick, so 0.21 microns is very small!

The company plans to launch the H14 filter soon, so I might replace the filter when needed, and the machine will tell me when I need to replace it, which is a big advantage. The filter is the most expensive part of having an air purifier, and I always want to know how often to replace it. Change them too early and you will lose money. Replace them too late and you may damage the machine.

Another thing I really like about this machine is that the filter is very compact because it has several different types of filters clamped together. There is a foam pre-filter that can filter larger particles such as pet dander, a pleated True Hepa filter, and then a carbon filter that can remove odors. The air purifier is about the size of an office trash can, so it is easy to hide it in an inconspicuous place. It is also very quiet. I have other air purifiers, and the fan is very loud. After the “olive oil incident”, I put the machine in automatic mode, and I didn’t even know it was turned on. I should also mention that if you are sensitive to noise, there is a “night mode” to turn it off, so it shouldn’t bother you, but I don’t think I need that, because it’s just that quiet in “regular mode” of.

The sharp peaks on this graph represent the “olive oil incident.”

The Zigma Aero-300 smart WiFi air purifier also has CARB certification, which gives me peace of mind. I live in California, and all air purifiers in my state are regulated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). CARB ensures the electrical safety of the air purifier and regulates the amount of ozone produced by the air purifier, because although ozone is very effective in purifying the air, too much can cause upper respiratory tract irritation and even damage your respiratory tract. Zigma produces negative ions as a way to purify the air (other ways are through filtration and ultraviolet rays). Charged ions can counteract the floating dust particles that are sometimes seen when sunlight shines through windows. The charged ions attract the floating objects, and they fall to the floor.

I connected the Zigma Aero-300 Smart WiFi Air Purifier to our smart devices, including Google and Echo. It is not difficult, but I am a little disappointed because Google Home and Echo do not provide more features. You can actually only turn the device on and off through these apps. If you want to adjust the speed, you have to do it through the app. It’s not a big deal, but if I need to open an app, then I might open and close it there without disturbing Google or Alexa. I think they just enabled the integration of Google and Echo to mark it “smart”. I think it is unlikely that anyone will actually use this feature because it is very limited.

However, the application has quite a few functions. It will tell you the outdoor air quality and track your indoor air quality. It allows you to control almost all settings, and allows you to set custom parameters for the air quality that the machine interprets as “good” and “bad”. I think this is indeed a good feature, because if you are very sensitive to changes in air quality, you may want the machine to turn itself higher before it reaches the pre-determined “severe pollution”. If needed, you can also use the app to solve customer service and warranty issues. They provide 24 months of replacement warranty and 1 month of unconditional warranty.

what do I like

  • Quiet
  • Auto/set and forget operation
  • Efficiency/square foot capacity
  • Application function

What will i change

  • More smart home features

Final thoughts

I own some exquisite air purifiers, but the Zigma Aero-300 Smart WiFi Air Purifier is the quietest and least noticeable cleaner I have ever owned. It covers an amazing area in such a small package and can even self-regulate. So if you are hesitant about which one to buy, I think this one is great.

price: 199.99 USD
Where to buy: Amazon or Sigma
source: The sample for this review is made by Sigma.

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