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Zomato Share Price Forecast 2024-2030: Time to Invest in Zomato

Welcome to the vibrant stock market world, where Zomato stands out as a significant player. Initially, a startup revolutionizing India’s dining scene, Zomato has grown into a major public entity, closely watched by both seasoned investors and market newcomers. This blog post delves into the future share price forecast of Zomato, highlighting the company’s recent shift towards profitability as shown in its March 2024 financial report.

Why should you pay attention to Zomato? Its potential to sway investor portfolios and market trends is immense. With recent financial achievements signalling growth and profitability, it’s critical to understand where Zomato’s stock price might head. This knowledge is crucial, whether you’re buying your first shares or diversifying your portfolio.

In this analysis, we will unpack Zomato’s financial health and predict its market trajectory, enhancing your understanding of stock price forecasting and its implications for your investment strategies. Let’s discover together what the future holds for Zomato’s shares!

Understanding Stock Price Forecasts

A stock price forecast predicts where a stock’s price might head over a specific period, based on various analytical techniques. For investors, especially beginners, these forecasts are vital. They provide a roadmap of potential future movements in stock prices, helping investors make more informed decisions about when to buy or sell shares.

Factors Influencing the Share Price of Zomato and its Forecast

Several external and internal factors can affect Zomato’s share price:

External Factors:

  • Market Trends: The general direction in which the market moves can heavily influence individual stock prices. For instance, a bullish market could lead to higher prices, while a bearish market might cause them to fall.
  • Economic Indicators: Factors such as GDP growth rates, employment figures, and consumer spending can affect investor sentiment and, consequently, stock prices.

Internal Factors:

  • Earnings: Zomato’s financial performance, particularly its profitability and revenue growth, plays a crucial role in its stock valuation.
  • Growth Strategies: Initiatives undertaken by Zomato to expand its market share, such as geographical expansion or technological advancements, are closely watched by investors.
  • Market Challenges: Issues like increased competition or regulatory changes can pose risks to Zomato’s growth prospects, impacting its stock price.

Understanding these factors can help you grasp how Zomato’s share price might move in the future, allowing you to strategize your investments more effectively. Stay tuned to financial news and analyses to keep abreast of factors that might influence Zomato’s market position and stock performance.

Historical Performance of Zomato’s Stock

Zomato’s IPO and Early Market Days

Zomato made its public debut in July 2021, launching at an initial price of ₹72 to ₹76 which sparked widespread interest among investors. This IPO was one of the most anticipated in the Indian stock market. It drew attention from both domestic and international investors. Initially, the stock performed robustly, reflecting investor confidence in Zomato’s business model and growth prospects in the rapidly expanding online food delivery market.

Recent Trends and Their Impacts on Zomato Share Price Forecast

In recent times, Zomato’s financial performance has shown notable improvements, especially in revenue growth and reducing losses, pivotal in influencing its stock price. For instance, the fiscal year ending March 2024 saw Zomato turning a profit, a significant milestone that marked its shift towards financial sustainability. These positive outcomes have been a result of strategic business decisions, including cost management and expansion into new service areas.

These trends are visually represented in various financial charts and graphs, which illustrate Zomato’s quarterly revenue growth, profit margins, and stock price fluctuations. These visual aids help investors quickly grasp the financial health and trajectory of the company, supporting informed investment decisions.

By analyzing these trends, potential investors can gauge the impact of Zomato’s strategic decisions on its stock performance. Staying informed about such trends is crucial, especially for newcomers to the stock market. It aids in understanding the volatile nature of stock investments and prepares them for making educated investment choices.

Zomato Share Price Forecast Analysis

Short-term Forecast for Zomato Share Price (2024-2025)

Analysts are closely watching Zomato as its recent shift to profitability suggests a promising outlook for the next one to two years. For 2024, the consensus among market experts points to a potential high target of INR 225, with a support of around INR 180, reflecting a mix of optimism tempered by market volatility. The average target, however, hovers around INR 205. This indicates a moderate growth expectation based on Zomato’s operational improvements and expanded market reach.

Long-term Outlook (2025-2030)

Looking further ahead, from 2025 to 2030, Zomato’s share price forecast becomes more influenced by long-term market trends and technological advancements within the food delivery sector. Analysts leveraging machine learning techniques predict that if current growth trends continue, Zomato’s share could potentially reach as high as INR 500 by the end of 2030. This optimistic scenario assumes sustained revenue growth, continued market expansion, and successful navigation of regulatory environments. Conversely, the more conservative estimates place the share price around INR 350, considering possible market saturations and competitive pressures.

Both scenarios highlight the importance of staying informed about market trends and Zomato’s strategic responses to them. For investors, particularly those new to the stock market, understanding these dynamics is crucial for making informed decisions that align with their long-term financial goals. Engaging with these forecasts helps demystify the complexities of stock investments, providing a clearer picture of potential risks and rewards.

Analyzing Zomato’s Market Fundamentals

As of the latest financial reports up to March 2024, Zomato has shown remarkable improvement in its financial health. The company reported a significant increase in revenue, reaching INR 3,288 crore, up by 68.77% year-over-year. For the first time, Zomato has also reported a net profit of INR 175 crore. This marked a successful pivot from its previous years’ losses. This financial turnaround is primarily due to enhanced operational efficiencies and expansion in high-margin segments. Check the image below to understand how the profit grew quarter after quarter.

Zomato’s Techno Funda Analysis

Understanding Zomato’s Recent Stock Dynamics and Market Volatility

Zomato’s stock price has recently shown a bullish trend in the short term, as it has closed above its short-time moving average, which is also above the mid-time but below the long-time averages. This positioning suggests a generally positive outlook in the near term, but a more neutral stance when considering longer periods.

Regarding market volatility, Zomato’s stock has been exhibiting higher fluctuations. The Bollinger Bands, a measure of volatility, are currently 121% wider than usual, indicating a significant increase in volatility compared to the stock’s normal range. Although Zomato’s share price closed below the upper Bollinger Band by 20.5%, the widened bands suggest that there might be a decrease in volatility soon, leading to a potential stabilization in the stock’s price. This pattern has persisted for a few weeks now, increasing the likelihood of the stock entering a less volatile trading range shortly.

How to Use Zomato’s Share Price Forecast in Investing

For Novice Investors

As a newcomer to the Indian stock market, understanding how to utilize Zomato’s share price forecast can significantly influence your investment decisions. First, recognize that forecasts are projections, not guarantees. They provide a scenario based on current data and market sentiment which can help in forming a strategy but should not be solely relied upon. Implementing basic risk management, such as setting stop-loss orders and diversifying your investment portfolio, can protect you from unexpected market movements. Always balance high-risk investments with stable assets to manage potential losses effectively.

Tools and Resources for Traders and Investors

Effective investing requires access to the right tools and resources. Utilize financial news, stock charts, and forecast reports to stay updated on Zomato’s performance and market trends. At, we offer a range of tools that can aid in your analysis. For example, our Pivot Point Calculator can provide insights into potential intraday entry and exit points for Zomato’s stock. Additionally, subscribing to updates on financial news through our platform can keep you informed about factors affecting Zomato’s market environment, helping you make more educated decisions based on the latest data.

Using these tools and understanding how to interpret forecasts can empower you as an investor. This will allow you to navigate the complexities of the stock market with more confidence and insight. Remember, the key to successful investing is continuous learning and adapting to new information.

The Broader Picture: Zomato in the Market

Zomato’s Position Among Competitors

In the fiercely competitive food delivery market, Zomato holds a significant position due to its innovative approaches and substantial market share. When compared to rivals like Swiggy, Zomato not only competes in terms of delivery logistics but also in enhancing user experience through technology integrations such as AI-driven recommendations and real-time tracking. Financially, Zomato has demonstrated resilience by improving revenue streams and reducing losses. This showcased stronger financial health relative to some newer entrants in the market.

Zomato Delivery Boy

The Impact of Market Trends on Zomato Share Price and its Forecast

Zomato’s performance is intricately linked to both global economic conditions and local market dynamics. The pandemic initially boosted demand for food delivery services, a trend that has stabilized somewhat with the return to normalcy. However, economic factors like inflation and changes in consumer spending habits directly affect Zomato’s operational costs and pricing strategies. Locally, regulatory changes and competitive pressures require Zomato to continually innovate to maintain its market position. Understanding these factors is crucial for investors to anticipate potential shifts in Zomato’s stock performance.

These insights are vital for novice investors aiming to understand the broader market dynamics that influence Zomato’s stock value. By keeping an eye on both competitor performance and economic indicators, investors can make more informed decisions, backed by a comprehensive view of the market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zomato Share Price Forecast

Why is Zomato’s share price volatile?

Zomato’s share price volatility can be attributed to various factors. These include rapid changes in market demand, competitive pressures, and regulatory developments in the food delivery industry. Economic conditions and investor sentiment also play crucial roles. They can fluctuate based on broader market trends and news related to Zomato’s operational performance and strategic decisions.

How often should I check the share price?

For newcomers to the stock market, it’s advisable to check Zomato’s share price regularly, but not excessively. Setting a routine to review the stock’s performance weekly or bi-weekly can help you stay informed without becoming overwhelmed by normal price fluctuations. This approach allows you to monitor trends without reacting to normal day-to-day volatility.

What tools can help me analyze Zomato’s financial health?

Several tools can aid in analyzing Zomato’s financial health:
Financial News and Analysis Platforms: Websites like Moneycontrol and Bloomberg provide updated financial news and detailed analyses.
Stock Analysis Software: Tools such as TradingView indicators or offer in-depth charting capabilities for technical analysis.
Fundamental Analysis Tools: Platforms like allow users to review fundamental financial metrics and ratios. These data can indicate the financial stability and growth potential of Zomato.

These tools can provide you with comprehensive data and analytics to make well-informed investment decisions. Whether you are tracking stock performance, analyzing financial statements, or assessing market sentiment, using the right tools can significantly enhance your understanding of Zomato’s financial and market position.


Throughout this discussion, we’ve explored Zomato’s financial performance and its position within the competitive market. We also projected its future share price movements based on short-term and long-term forecasts. The insights into Zomato’s increasing profitability, strategic innovations, and external market influences provide a foundational understanding of its potential investment value.

For newcomers to the Indian stock market, leveraging these insights can significantly guide your investment decisions. However, it’s crucial to continue your research. Markets evolve, and staying updated with the latest data and trends is key. Consider using tools like financial news platforms and stock analysis software to keep track of Zomato’s performance and broader market conditions.

Additionally, consulting with financial advisors can provide personalized advice, helping tailor your investment strategies to your financial goals. Remember, investing wisely is about gathering information, ongoing education, and making informed decisions that suit your investment profile.

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