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5 reasons why Windows laptops are running slowly (how to fix them)

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There is nothing more exhausting than a laptop that has been lagging behind when performing important tasks. It not only makes you feel frustrated, but also exhausts all your energy and enthusiasm for work. Once your Windows laptop starts to lag or slow down, you want to throw it away, especially when you are working from home.

But before throwing it away, ask yourself why your computer is slowing down?Well, there may be several reasons Your computer slowed down Time. Mentioned below are some of the possible culprits and how to fix these failures.

5 reasons why Windows laptops are slow and how to fix it

1 Excessive boarding of programs/tags running in the background:

One of the most common causes of slow computers. Modern means multitasking and saving as much time as possible. But as time goes by, your computer’s memory and processing speed will not remain the same due to different upgrades. software And the cache they created. Software upgrades will seriously affect your processing and will not make your computer run as smoothly as it used to. Ultimately, your Windows laptop will not allow you to switch between different tabs, folders, and programs, which makes it almost impossible for you to work in such an environment.

Fix it: Close or exit any programs running in the background that are not within your scope of use. Close all tabs that you are unlikely to use, and make sure to stick to a search engine. To remember/save tabs, please use the bookmark option in Google Chrome.

2 Terminate automatically running programs every time the laptop is started:

Just like apps that automatically install updates without permission, some programs run automatically as soon as you start your computer. This will slow down the computer’s processing speed immediately after you start it, which has a huge impact on the speed, and then these programs run in the background all day without you knowing it.

Fix it: Open the taskbar and select Task Manager and click Start.You can also use Shift-Ctrl-Esc Open the task manager. After clicking the taskbar, you will be able to view a list of a large number of programs running at startup and their impact on window processing. Review this list and determine which programs do not need to be started at startup. To disable the program, right-click on it.

3 Update your operating system:

In most cases, the reason the computer slows down is not to update the operating system. This will not only slow down your system, but also make our computer vulnerable to hackers.

Ignore operating system updates, you usually miss new updates and features. If your laptop seems to be running slower than usual, make sure to update your windows.

Fix it: To check if your window needs to be updated, click the start menu and type update in the search bar. If there are options available, click Download.

4 Start Disk Cleanup:

One of the advantages Use Windows It provides a built-in cleaning tool. As time goes by, junk files will accumulate over time. These junk files are useless or not beneficial. If you haven’t run Disk Cleanup for a long time, this may be the cause of the computer lag.

Fix it: go with control Panel>System and security> Management tools And choose Disk cleanup From the list.Select the file you want to delete and click Ok. This will clean up your disk and help your laptop recover faster.

5 Computer affected by malware:

If your computer is infected with a virus, it will pop up by accumulating different unknown files or multiple copies of the same file, as well as hateful pop-up windows and links. Unlike most viruses, some viruses run in the background and collect important personal information such as your username, password, and data. It will eventually slow down your computer or incorrectly indicate that your system has been attacked.

Fix it: If you are running a business, please never use free antivirus solutions because they cannot get the job done. The network security system is highly complex, and you never know the strength of anti-virus software. Conduct research and invest in a good and reliable antivirus program, and take additional measures to stay ahead of common security protection systems.

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