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Saudi officials publicly issued death threats to UN Kashuji investigators during their meeting with the UN

An anonymous Senior Saudi official warns that the UN will “take care” of its investigators, Agnès Callamard, investigating the disappearance of American journalist Jamal Khashoggi in her work. protector:

She said these so-called threats were made at a “high-level” meeting held by Saudi diplomats in Geneva, visiting Saudi officials and UN officials in Geneva. During the exchange, Karamad was told that they had criticized her work in the Kashuji murder case and expressed anger at her investigation and conclusion. Saudi officials also made baseless accusations that she received money from Qatar-a frequent restraint of critics of the Saudi government.

Karamad said that one of the visiting senior Saudi officials allegedly said that he had received a call from someone who was going to “take care of her.”When UN officials expressed shock, the other Saudis present tried to reassure them that this comment should not be taken seriously [but he] The alleged threat was repeated to the rest of the UN officials in the room.

Khashoggi, columnist Washington post, Was murdered and dismembered during a visit to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018. The Callamard report concluded that there are Reliable evidence The Saudi government is responsible for the killing.The Biden administration’s own report stated that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally ordered the murder.

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