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A briefing supported by ITI-Biden and Putin: Who won? – EURACTIV.com

With the dust settled after the two leaders met on the neutral Swiss playground, a reasonable question is which of them has benefited the most from this dangerous summit. Who is the collateral victim.

The commentator said that Vladimir Putin won even before his plane took off for Geneva, because this meeting put him on an equal footing with the leaders of the Western world, and the leaders of the Western world far surpassed Russia and its closeness. ally.

It seems that Biden has avoided the joint meeting, the risk is that Putin will use some tricks It worked well against Trump Accurately convey the impression that Russia has won these summits.

If Putin’s motivation is to have the opportunity to win in front of a global audience, then Biden’s motivation is different.

In the end, Putin has no chance to win such a trophy, and Biden can well claim that he has warned the Russian leader Moscow to never try to cross the red line-in secret operations, cyber and other areas-attacks and election interference.

But we can also imagine Putin saying “Don’t hang around in my backyard.”

We don’t know the exact wording, but it involves the former Soviet republics such as Ukraine and Georgia, which gave birth to the hope of joining NATO. If Putin gets some kind of nod that his message is understood, he can consider himself a winner. And, rightly, he wouldn’t brag about it.

Taking into account the new Yalta meeting, Ukraine rejected any such agreements in advance before the Geneva meeting. “We have made it clear to our partners that any agreement on Ukraine reached without Ukraine will not be recognized by us,” Warning Dmytro Kuleba, The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country.

Is the world safer after the Geneva Conference? It may be safer on a global scale, but it may be less safe in the above-mentioned areas.

Meetings between major powers often lead to changes in the boundaries of the world. The victims of history will then suffer silently for decades, just as Eastern Europe did from 1945 to 1989.

In the final communiqué of the NATO summit, Ukraine appeared 24 times and Georgia appeared 18 times. However, no combination of words produced the sentence that Kiev and Tbilisi wanted to hear: they are or will be invited to join the alliance.

When asked at a press conference after the summit whether Ukraine should join NATO, Biden said: “It depends on whether they meet the standards.”

We will see what the future holds.From Real politics In the case of Nord Stream 2, we can only make educated guesses. When the elephant dances, it is the grass that suffers.

Message from ITI: Ensure a stable and reliable EU-U.S. data flow

The EU and the United States must work together to ensure the stability and reliability of data flows.We are ready to build on the commitments made on Tuesday to ensure competitiveness and innovation-learn how to itic.org.


The European Council and the European Parliament reached a late-night agreement on road pricing rules on Wednesday (June 16) Was criticized Rated as “more holes than Swiss cheese” by the European People’s Party (EPP), the largest group in the parliament.

Irish patients will now be able to Obtain medical marijuana Through prescriptions, this “milestone” initiative is expected to bring hope to many families, although barriers to access to medical marijuana still exist.

Digital must Part of the solution EU legislator Geese said at the EURACTIV event held on Tuesday (June 15) that this is not part of the problem. Participants discussed the complex relationship between digitalization and sustainability.

This week Yellow room Take us to Budapest. After several cases of child abuse, the government passed a new bill that imposed stricter penalties on pedophilia.

Given Europe’s unwillingness to make the painful decisions needed to modernize relations, it’s difficult to understand what it means for the United States to return to Europe, other than having dinner with some interesting people. George Friedman wrote.

Japan said on Thursday (June 17) that China’s military intentions are unclear, and the rapid expansion of the military is a cause for serious concern. The situation requires Europe, the United States and other Asian countries. Work together to counter Beijing.

Pay close attention, watch out, watch out…

  • Maroš Šefčovič, Vice President of Inter-agency Relations, delivered a speech on EU-UK relations at a ceremony held at the European Academy in Bruges
  • Vice President Dubravka Šuica delivered a speech at the Annual Conference and Member’s Day of the EU Children’s Rights Strategy organized by Eurochild
  • Commissioner Mariya Gabriel participated in the European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ established in Porto, Portugal.

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