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The Republican Party is now a party that renounces law enforcement and supports anti-democratic activism. Yesterday, 21 Republican members of Congress voted against awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to the Capitol and the District of Columbia Police because they protected the Capitol, saved the lives of members of Congress and defended our democracy during Trump’s instigation on January 6. A heroic effort. Trump’s loyal supporter Paul Gossall of Arizona called the police “executioners”, called the uprising a “typical circuit day”, and refused to fight to save lives. The police meet.


One of the many “big lies” of Trump’s scam in the United States is that Trump and the Republican Party are parties of law and order. It seems that the only time they strongly supported the police was when they defended themselves for excessive use of force against blacks.Trump and His congressional hypocrite They have chosen not to show public support and sympathy to the Capitol and Washington, DC police, who suffered physical and psychological harm in defending the Capitol during the January 6 uprising. Even more despicable is the attitude of many Republicans in the House and Senate, who now accuse the police and the FBI of violating the rights of congressional thugs.

Although the footage of the riots portrayed violence, Rep. Andrew Clyde showed his insensitivity and stupidity by calling the shameful day a “typical tour day” for the Capitol. The question today is how stupid is Congressman Clyde? There are shots of him in the Capitol attack, and he looked worried when he helped set the door guard to keep the mob out. He showed respect for the mob and his indifference to the police, which is a shame to the integrity of the House of Representatives. According to reports, Fanone also had a frustrating experience with Congressman Clyde. Clyde refused to shake hands or talk with him in the Capitol yesterday. Clyde turned around, seeming to want to record him on his phone. These Trump Republicans have repeatedly proved that they and Trump himself will only support if law enforcement is beneficial to them.

The District of Columbia police officer Fanone (Fanone) was one of the police officers who were severely injured as a result of being beaten and beaten by rioters. He has become a champion of the police who defended the Capitol and suffered physical and psychological injuries in the attack. Appearing on Don Lemon’s CNN program, Officer Fanone described his disappointment and painful visit to the Capitol today. He told Lemmon that he went to the Capitol to meet 21 Republicans who voted against granting the Congressional Gold Medal to the police defending the Capitol. He said his goal is to make lawmakers aware of the atrocities they suffered (and are still suffering) at the hands of violent Trump insurgents.

Reasonable, patriotic Republicans need to organize against Mitch McConnell, who is the second commander in support of Trump’s ideology that tries to stifle democracy. If McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy lead Congress to consider democracy instead of kissing Trump, conspiracy theories and racist lawmakers will become irrelevant. What evidence is needed to wake up the 74 billion people who voted for Trump and still support his ideology, who were beaten by this dangerous liar? As the investigation draws to a close, evidence of illegal financial scandals continues to emerge.

The gas lamp Americans captured in the Trump cult have been normalized by the most widespread and corrupt Republican Party in American history. These lawmakers brazenly lied and spread the truth about the uprising, believing that Trump’s dwindling, deceptive, unintelligent, sheep-like followers would believe anything Trump said. In the corrupt pursuit of power, the Republicans failed to honor their pledge to uphold the Constitution, giving up both religious values ​​and law enforcement.

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