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After the education shock: the school’s catch-up plan

ISix of the sixteen federal states have begun holidays, and North Rhine-Westphalia is the most populous state on Monday. Many students, parents, and teachers are already on vacation, others are still planning or have decided to keep going. Although the incidence data is good, there is no sense of relaxation anywhere. After the fall holidays, which may be dominated by delta variants, there is too much uncertainty as to how things will continue. After experiencing two unsuccessful self-study phases, people are also worried that school officials will again fail to take adequate precautions to ensure the smooth progress of classes.

Few people are asking for funding for mobile and stationary air filtration systems, which in the current debate is at least seen as essential to the desired face-to-face teaching.It’s also slow The federal government’s catch-up plan for schoolchildren in May first. From an organizational point of view, this is the largest school support project in recent years, and it is best to start in the first week of the new school year. However, in most federal states, there is not even an investigation into the learning situation, because Kai Maaz, an education researcher who is represented on several advisory committees, was surprised to find out in an interview with FAZ. So far, there is neither an overview of who needs assistance the most, nor is it clear where the additional personnel for funding will come from. The outflow of funds from digital protocols is still surprisingly timid. Students and teachers are busy ordering terminal equipment during the pandemic, but the demand for digital infrastructure is far lower than expected. Have all the technical shortcomings discovered by German schools in the pandemic been corrected?

One of the latest announcements Meeting of ministers of education (KMK) stated that after the holiday, all federal states will begin full face-to-face teaching. As its chairman Heinz-Peter Meidinger said in an interview, the German Teachers’ Association hopes that politicians can be prepared for all scenarios from remote to face-to-face teaching under poor sanitary conditions.

No one feels responsible for compulsory education

“It’s a complicated feeling,” said Dario Schramm, secretary general of the Federal Schoolchildren’s Congress, during the first day of vacation after the end of the stressful school year. In the end, the joy of gaining “distance from school” from various forms of existence and distance is overshadowed by the uncertain future prospects in the eyes of the students. So far, for his state of North Rhine-Westphalia and many other states, there is no convincing concept of hygiene in the new school year. Schramm requires school authorities to use air filtration systems and vaccinations for all students over 12 years of age. The state must guarantee classroom teaching at the beginning of school.

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