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Bayad promotes small business development: bill payment and loading services

Paying the bills – it’s like a common chore, right? But what would you do if I told you there was a superhero in finance who was popping up to make your life easier? Meet Bayad, the pioneer of outsourced bill payment services, here to save the world!

  1. beyond bills: Bayad doesn’t just keep your lights on. They have upgraded! Now you can settle government payments, insurance premiums, RFID top-ups, and even loans all at once.
  2. anytime, anywhere: Bayard is not playing hide and seek. Not only can you access their services at Bayad Centers, but also through the Bayad App (yes, there is an app!), Bayad Online, and Bayad Partners (the cool kids in OTC and digital payments) access their services.
  3. Pay to climb: Please applaud! Bayad's latest work is Bayad Asenso. This is like providing support to MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). Imagine turning a humble sari sari shop, pet shop or water refilling station into a payment centre. Jiaqing!
  4. Who's on the list?: Agent Bayard is an unsung hero. They are handling the bills of big companies like PLDT, Converge, Globe, SkyCable, SSS, Pag-IBIG and many more. Utility bill? Yes, they've covered Davao Light, Albay Power, and even Subic Water!
  5. community atmosphere: Bayad is not just about business; It’s about the love of community. They embrace digital magic while retaining a good physical spirit. Because Filipinos deserve the best of both worlds!
  6. Lawrence's Wisdom: Bayad President and CEO Lawrence Y. Ferrer dropped some truth bombs: “Empower every Filipino entrepreneur. Promote financial inclusion. Build economic resilience.

Agents assemble!: Want to become a Bayard agent? Here's the secret handshake:

  • Own a brick-and-mortar store (check!).
  • Stable Internet connection (Wi-Fi atmosphere).
  • Upgrade your Bayad app (like putting on a superhero suit on your phone).

Click on the “Business” icon, find “Asenso” and voila! You are on your way. Attach your business license (Barangay, DTI, Mayor's Permit, BIR, SEC – you name it) and click “Submit.”

Have questions? Send an email to or call 09989652330.

cash flow alert: Bayad Asenso agents earn Php 5.50 per bill payment and Php 4.00 per load valued at Php 100. Find out!

smooth sailing: To start your payment journey, have at least 3,000.00 pesos in your Bayad Agent wallet. Top up via digital transfer or at Bayad Centers, BDO, Eastwest Bank or RCBC.

There you have it! Bayard turned the bill into a stimulus, a lump sum payment. Are you ready to join a league of outstanding Bayard agents? Let’s create financial miracles together!

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