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BizTech Magazine: Small Business IT Influencers to Watch in 2021

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These are the main voices of the hottest trends affecting small businesses today.

After a year full of disruptions and the outbreak of new trends, small businesses are adapting to new work procedures. This includes remote workforces who need to work with on-site employees, technology-savvy human resources departments that can build company culture remotely, and the increasing emphasis on data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. In addition, small businesses need to focus on business goals and growth to manage all of this.

These are the areas of expertise for this year’s top small business IT influencers. These executives, speakers, and podcast hosts know how to use technology to take small organizations to the next level—and how to do this in an unprecedented work environment today. From Twitter to LinkedIn and YouTube, here are 30 small business IT influencers to follow in 2021.

During the pandemic, technology has been used to connect people in new ways, allowing humanity to flourish under conditions of social alienation and restrictions. This is Brian Solis’s area of ​​expertise. The best-selling author and keynote speaker discussed digital trends and their impact on various industries. Small businesses can gain useful insights on emerging digital strategies.

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