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Trump was distracted by the word “nuclear” at a strange press conference about his recent lawsuit

  • Donald Trump was distracted by the word “nuclear” at the press conference.
  • “We don’t use the word’nuclear’. I have never used it, okay? I have never used it… this is so-called false information,” he said.
  • Trump denied reports last year that he had asked national security officials to use nuclear bombs in response to hurricanes.
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Former U.S. President Donald Trump was distracted by the word “nuclear” at an announced press conference His lawsuit against large technology companies.

In a speech Wednesday in Bedminster, New Jersey, the former president described why he filed lawsuits against tech giants Facebook, Twitter and Google, alleging that these giants are “censoring” him and other conservatives.

“My team asks for an end to the shadow ban, an end to silence, an end to blacklisting, disappearance and cancellation. We will not rest until the American people have achieved a major victory,” He said in an email to raise funds for the lawsuit.

At some point during the press conference, he began to talk about the fact that social media platforms such as Facebook censored posts suggesting that the coronavirus originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, China last year, just to stop censoring these posts. Become more mainstream.

He said: “Until recently, Facebook had a policy to delete all posts sharing evidence that this terrible virus came from China-they said it did not come from a Chinese laboratory.

“Wuhan, I say Wuhan, remember, it’s like a bomb exploded. Wuhan-it comes from the Wuhan laboratory. Of course, the bag is full of body bags. No one has ever mentioned it. I don’t know why.

“Then finally revealed that this is probably the truth. It came from the laboratory. This is a short story. But when I said it, it exploded like a weapon-a main weapon.”

“I will not use the word’weapon’ because I never use the word’nuclear’, but we must be careful with our leadership because if we do not have the proper leadership, we will be in a very dangerous state.”

“So we don’t use the word’nuclear’. I have never used it, okay? I have never used it. I have never said it. This is the so-called false information.”

The former president often deviated from the original manuscript at rallies held before and during his presidency, and his political speeches were filled with rants about the bear market, including Faint showers, Bulb, with Hair spray.

It is unclear what Trump is referring to or why he insists not to use the word “nuclear”.

However, last year the former president was forced to deny information about him Ask the National Security Officer Consider using nuclear bombs to deal with hurricanes.

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