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One-eighth of Covid cases that have not passed testing and tracking in the past week

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New data shows that after testing positive for Covid-19, about one in eight people was transferred to the testing and tracking system, but this has not been achieved in the last week.

This is the largest proportion not reached since the end of last year, and the number of people who tested positive at the same time rose to the highest level in nearly five months.

Approximately 12.0% moved to testing and tracking United Kingdom According to statistics, in the week ending June 30, Health department And social care.

This number has never been so high since the week that ended on December 30, when it was at the peak of the second wave of coronavirus, which was 12.6%.

In the UK, anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 through a fast-track (LFD) test or a PCR test conducted in a laboratory will be transferred to Test and Trace so that their contacts can be traced and alerted.

Approximately 87.9% of these people got it in the last week.

In the week ending June 30, a total of 135,685 people in England tested positive for Covid-19 at least once.

This is a 71% increase from the previous week and is the largest number of people who have tested positive since the week ending February 3.

The sharp increase in positive cases reflects the impact of the third wave of coronavirus that continues to spread across the country.

Health Coronavirus Test

The latest data shows that the pressure on the testing and tracking system is similar to that seen during the second wave of the virus outbreak last winter.

In the week ending June 30, more than three-quarters (76.9 %) accepted their results within 24 hours.

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