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Dan Crenshaw’s report on the CRT in our waking military indicates that the institution has decayed and the long march through it is almost complete – RedState

About a month ago, Arkansas Senator and combat veteran Tom Cotton, and Texas State Representative and Purple Heart Medalist Dan Crenshaw created a “hotline” where members of the military can report armed Examples of Critical Race Theory (CRT) suffered by troops. The CRT claims that racism and discrimination are a universal part of our society. Because of racism and discrimination, “people of color”, women and sexual perverts cannot reach their true potential. The only way to correct this situation is to ensure fairness, that is, equality of results. The result is achieved by managing personnel based on race.More information Tom Cotton exposes the “anti-American indoctrination” stories of hundreds of whistleblowers in the U.S. military.

This led to some extremely stupid and disturbing incidents.

The following are some of the projects that have been reported so far.

The military or any organization does not allow such racist and sexist nonsense, because substandard performance can be life-threatening. It creates an environment in which people will become targets of racial and gender discrimination. When combat leaders openly slander white male soldiers, it can lead to a loss of trust and confidence in the command system. “Part of the problem.”

Take the example of causing sexual perversions and sexual dysfunction, see Nevada Air Force Base hosts a drag show, which is part of a gentler and gentler army. It led to the purge of officers because they opposed the destruction of morale, good order and discipline in the process of causing ethnic divisions, see Military officer was fired for criticizing the spread of Marxist ideology to the armed forces.

When Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (let me notice that Austin is black in all appearances-I may be wrong, because race is just a social structure, who knows-not only was promoted to a four-star general, but now It’s a civilian supervisor of the U.S. Armed Forces, so I don’t know how he got the job, except for symbolism, because we were told that elite politics is a white supremacist concept), and in this rubbish, the joint chief of staff Chairman Mark Milli was called to the hearing of the House Armed Services Committee, and they were unable to give any close to unanimous responses.Look SecDef Austin and JCS Chairman Milley stated that they are fully committed to criticizing race theory at the expense of combat efficiency.

When Tucker Carlson brazenly said this nonsense, he was directly attacked by the Pentagon (Official anger at Tucker Carlson’s criticism of Joe Biden’s military shows how lost our military is) And the Pentagon agent (The retired General McCaffrey was mean by Tucker Carlson’s treatment of General Milly’s CRT in the army).

This is stupid and naive, but it is not a game. In my opinion, they are facing what I think is a move by Communist China to “unify” Kuomintang China. Our navy seems to be incompetent in everything and falls behind in key indicators, such as the number of warships and missile loading. This is not to say that other services are more competent, but we did not have a place in their failure like the Navy played with bumper cars and burned its own ships in the Western Pacific.

The military seems to be in the final stage of an open effort to transform it into an open Marxist institution. The Italian Gramsci proposed a strategy to overthrow the Western government as early as the 1930s. In short, he said, most Western governments will not be overthrown directly. In order to pave the way, institutions and society must be absorbed. This strategy was captured by the West German communist Rudi Dutschke with the phrase “Long March through the system.” Gramsci said that at some point, these institutions will be fully corroded or awakened and vulnerable to attack. help. Opponents are being eliminated. The leadership was selected. Ordinary soldiers are instilled in principles and behaviors, which are not only counterproductive to military discipline and efficiency, but also run counter to American values. Can this stop it? The prospects are not good.

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